Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Tanooki Suit Hoodie

This might possibly be the most amazing video game sweater of all time. I ran across this on eBay awhile back, and after further digging it appears it is, or was, available at Hot Topic. The ears make this hoodie truly epic.

Sadly, there’s only a couple available as shown below (and none in my size).

[phpbay]tanooki hoodie, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

7 Responses to “Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Tanooki Suit Hoodie”

  1. Could they get a gayer male model for that hoodie? I don’t think so.

  2. This hoody was for sale last year at HotTopic, originally $50, It went on sale for like a week at $25, used a coupon and got it for $20, I must say it’s my favorite… just wore it yesterday.

    But check out HotTopic as they always have great Mario and Nintendo stuff, they have a Super Mario 3 sweatshirt there now for only $25

  3. UK here – I thought hot topic was despised by most US folk as a haven of “scene kids”?

  4. @SneakyDuck They have this fake “punk” image, but once you go inside, they have tons of t-shirts of retro cartoons and video games… got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweatshirt there for $5 once.

    I think the best example of this hypocrisy is the image in the post. Sure it’s a super awesome Mario sweatshirt, but they have to use their standard punk/goth/emo model to wear it, lol.

  5. That guys pic alone would discourage someone from buying it. It looks like he’s trying to act like he’s so comfy and huggable in his new shirt. Just makes me feel dumb lol

  6. I’m not emo enough for that hoodie

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