Nintendo DSi Prototype Promo Dummy Console

You are looking at a very unique DSi promotional prototype console.

It’s non-functional as it’s just a plastic replica that Nintendo would have used to promote the console at E3/TGS…..etc….

It’s really heavy, and feels much heavier than an actual consol. The finish on the plastic also feels much more robust than what was eventually used on an an actual working unit.

I’m very intrigued to see what’s actually inside the console (if anything). I haven’t the courage to open it up and Nintendo always use proprietary screws so it would be a pain. On the other hand, it would be ultra-awesome if it actually had a circuit board with wires and everything (although I suspect it just contains a lead weight).

Condition is absolutely flawless. It is brand new and has never been used at trade shows for people to man-handle. It looks stunning.

It really is a rare and unique item. I have never seen anything like this on Ebay before so I really hope this goes to a dedicated Nintendo collector.

I acquired this from a Nintendo rep about 6 months before the DSi actually came out. As I don’t own an actual DSi console, I am unable to compare it to see if it differs from the final design.


Seller additionally has a similar dummy gba console, a prototype Mario USB drive and some other cool stuff.


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God Of War 3 Promo Display Launch Kit
Awesome Nintendo Game & Watch Book (in French however, but it still looks pretty)
Final Fantasy XIII Promotional Display
God Of War 3 Promo Kratos Mask

Lastly, I wanted this item. I forgot to bid however. Check the end price and cry with me.


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  1. I strongly doubt that the Mario USD is just an unlicensed product and the dummy DSi has nothing to do with a proto but it’s just a case that had to be shown in shops before the release, as they did with the GBA and SP

  2. Yeah I thought it was a sample for the shops too. Still I was quite keen on the price until it got posted here. :p 😉

  3. Hi,
    You’ve probably opened yours up now,
    I brought a faulty DSI off ebay and when it came it was one of these DSI non working examples, i got conned,

    Anyway i decided i’d see how much of it i could use in a real DSI,

    Stripped it down,
    Both LCD creens are fake,
    Battery is fake,
    Motherboard is a real motherboard, has a charging port, sound port, buttons and game port on but no chips or fuse.
    Powerboard is a real powerboard with buttons but no chips or fuse.
    Triggers are real and work, SD slot is read and works but the volume buttons do not work.

    Anyhow what i did with mine was strip down a DSI with a broken hinge and transfer all the bits over, i now have a brand new looking DSI which says Non working example on the back lol.

    So if you see any of these dummy consoles going cheap for like £7 they are worth getting because the buttons and housing is genuine and much better quality than the cheap ones you can but.

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