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Custom Steampunk Gameboy

Thretris is console modder/musician that creates a lot of custom Gameboys and other consoles. Now, while I have no interest in the added music functions of this handheld, it looks frigging sweet.

You are bidding on a one of a kind, custom modded, 1989 Gameboy Model DMG-01. This Gameboy has been professionally hand painted by yours truly and outfitted with a Pro-Sound Modification. The pro-sound mod is an output for recording your music (from LSDJ / nanoloop / Muddy gameboy etc.) or playing through your mixer/speakers for live performance. This line level mod add a much louder and clearer tone to your Gameboy and removes the fuzz, which is ideal for serious recording. The mod DOES NOT restrict any other normal use of the gameboy, meaning you can still use the headphone jack (which is still recommended while using headphones) and the external speaker still functions as normal.

This DMG is also backlit!!!! This backlit screen is a lifesaver in low light conditions. Needless to say its a 100% improvment from the orginal DMG screen.

Link (Sold for $182.50)


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  1. That a serious comment Mike? I`ve credited you many times before for things you’re sent me and did not see the comment or forum post you`re referring to.

  2. That Pro Action Replay ended for a ridicolous price considering you can buy it for a fraction of the price on

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