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Complete Nintendo NES Collection For Sale

Minus Stadium Events.

Which technically, is still a complete collection – depending on who you ask. The NES is one system which has many ideas and concepts by collectors of what is truly complete. For some, it is everything which is listed officially on For most, it seems to be that plus the normal unlicensed games (Color Dreams, Tengen, etc.). For many, the Panesian games need to be included, for others you need Caltron and Myriad plus Stadium Events. Heck, for some you need the complete run of Sachen games as well.

Bottom line, no matter how you look at it, this is a nice collection. Good time for the seller as well, given the huge amount of mainstream publicity that collecting is getting after the Stadium Events and Air Raid exposure.



Just noticed there is another complete NES collection on eBay. This one with 759 games instead of 676. Price is around the same as well.

For a cheaper NES collection, you could go with a Complete Set of Black Box Games. Very nice set, and will fetch quite a price. Includes (obviously) gems like Clu Clu Land and Donkey Kong Jr. Math which can fetch huge prices on their own when complete.

Complete Sega CD Collection – Loose and has been relisted many, many times.

John Madden Football Complete Collection – 1991 to 2010 (lol).


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  1. the sega cd collection seems grossly overpriced. there are a few titles that will crack $100 when complete and in nice shape, but there are many more that you can’t give away.

  2. Agreed. I’m not sure if he drops the price when it gets resisted either. Another problem is thats its loose. Loose CD bases systems are a hard sell.

  3. The Madden collection would be better if he had PS3 games instead of XBox360, since then you could play all the PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on your backwards compatible PS3.

    But it still wouldn’t be worth $220.

    Anybody want a complete Tony Hawk collection? 🙂

  4. It’s overpriced for being loose. My CD Collection is still in jewel cases/boxes, with instructions, original paperwork etc. Mine would be worth the price of the collection being offered here. However you can’t have it.

  5. In the Madden collection, he’s also missing the “en espanol” editions from ’08 and ’09, and any of the earliest “John Madden Football” ones from late eighties. It seems that there are versions of complete, even for Madden games…

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