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DS Download Station Display

Back in 2006, Nintendo launched the DS Download Station in the U.S. and in Europe. Gamers can now download demos and other cool things through this little nifty device. I’m always on a lookout for these things cause it is a very unique collectible. Nintendo releases a DS Download Station cartridge every now and then which i’m sure some of you have seen them ebay.

This listing does not actually include the actual Download Station device but just a sign with 6 days left and no bids. There’s a similar, cooler one that just ended recently at $99. Subject matter does affect value..

Here’s a video tutorial I found on YouTube.


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  1. Limbo, Download Vol 1 & Vol 2 are the most commonly avaliable ones. There is a Vol 1 on ebay right now if you really want it. Now getting ahold of the later ones (7 and beyond) are much harder to get.

  2. Kind of makes sense; the TRU I used to work at had the first two and then never had the DL station after that. If that happened with other stores as well….there you go!

  3. 3rdman, nope. As stores move away from the download stations and to single play game ‘kiosks’ the need for these download cards (which were never widely accepted in the first place) goes away. I know that they are up to something like #14, but i’ve not seen anything that high save for with a download stand like this (ended a few weeks ago) in a LONG time.

  4. The download stations were a good idea at the time to get DS users familiar with the Wi-Fi capabilities of the unit. However, once the Wii came out, and DS downloading of demo content could be done at home, it made these kiosks taking valuable retail floorspace obsolete practically overnight.

    I think it makes complete sense that the later carts are more hard to find. Even if the kiosks were not that successful, the initial push by Nintendo would make the first carts more frequent and numerous. As the interest and usefulness of the kiosks waned, the later carts and promotional material to keep them on life support would be much less plentiful. I imagine a good portion of the later material never made it to a kiosk, and ended up in the garbage.

    It would be a good idea for some GameStop employees to comb through the back room storage for unused (and never to be used) promos that still might be lingering around.

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