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Nintendo Fun Club News Complete Set

The Nintendo Fun Club was a fan club marketed by Nintendo starting in back in 1987. It was free to join and with a membership was a free subscription to Nintendo Fun Club News, a newsletter that discussed popular games and upcoming releases. It was full of tips and tricks, news, etc. The first four issues were quarterly with the final three issues being bi-monthly.

The Fun Club was marketed via catalogs and flyers contained in Nintendo Entertainment System boxes, as well as in at least one game, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. During the intermissions between rounds, when Mac’s trainer is giving him hints to help him defeat his opponent, one of the things he says is “Join the Nintendo Fun Club today! Mac.”

After only 7 issues, the Nintendo Fun Club News was discontinued and revamped into Nintendo Power, a traditional subscription magazine that still exists today.

These tend to fetch a pretty penny these days, with the earliest ones obviously pulling in the most.



Complete Shantae (Game Boy Color)


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  1. Not bad at all. I sold my extra set for $300 back in 2001, but they were absolutely mint condition!

    I wish Nintendo was more like they were in the 80’s. Back when they would give us cool freebies like this!

  2. Cool you sold those i have almost a complete set too i am missing vol 4 and would like to sell them how did you sell yours ?

  3. Very interesting. I was a game counselor for Nintendo in 1988. I am missing the 1st 3 issues of the fun club mag. The others are in mint condition. Am interested in vol.1-3 if anyone has some. Play on.

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