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Nintendo NES World Class Track Meet Box

Meet UncleTusk of Wal R Us games. He loves the NES, but has one big issue. Mr Tusk hates loose games. They just looks so cold, sterile and lonely. Now, for most games you can just get a complete copy right?

Wrong. What about games like Duck Hunt & Super Mario or Duck Hunt, Super Mario & Track Meet or even just World Class Track Meet?

Well, now there is a solution. UT has just released a custom manufactured box for World Class Track Meet.

In the spirit of generosity, he is also offering up a box to one lucky reader. Just comment below (make sure you are signed in and are using a legitimate email). If you have an suggestions for games (any system) that should have a box created, it would be appreciated as well.

Plans are in work for Super Spike VB/World Cup as well as possible Miricle Piano, but not for some time.

Tusk can also do any and all homebrew boxes, including one of a kind things and short runs, so contact him if you have any interest in that sort of thing.

Check his website, or order here.


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  1. I completely sympathize with the naked cartridge issue. I would say TARG for 2600 (a repro of an unreleased prototype) or Tooth Protectors for 2600.

  2. I know, crazy eh? I’m tempted to draw now, but had planned to do so on Friday. I realized that I forgot to mention that in the post. So, some random time Friday I will draw.

    Based on entries so far, the odds of winning on Friday will be 10% for anyone who enters. Pretty good odds.

  3. ok don’t shoot me I’m in and for a box… again don’t lynch me but I’m going to go with
    Bio Force Ape


  4. Throw me in for the raffle!

    I have an orphan cart in need of a box. Uncle Tusk is the man and Wilford Brimley is my idle! πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for all the love guys.

    I’m working on some SNES, Atari, and Intellivision games. Along with a few more NES titles as well. So, keep checking

  6. Can Uncle Tusk make N64 boxes?

    I’d like to enter too, thanks. Looking forward to catching up with your podcasts.

    (Found you guys through CAG)

  7. Did Super Mario All Stars/Super Mario World bundle (US/NTSC version) have a box? I have a copy of the game but with no box and I was always under the impression it didn’t have one. I did some quick research and see there’s a box for the PAL version (it’s kinda weird though; it says blatantly on the images of the box “PAL Version” which would be odd in a country that uses PAL, wouldn’t it?)

    Anyway, that is my vote, if indeed I am correct and the US/NTSC version of Super Mario All Stars/Super Mario World does not have a box.

  8. With a little more research, I’m convinced there was no box for that release, but I hope somebody here can confirm it! I think it was just a bundle with the SNES console, and I even think that image of a PAL version “cover” I found was just something made up in MS paint or something.

  9. Arite, here we go:

    1. ianoid
    2. portnoyd
    3. Retrogamer72
    4. GoSM
    5. i2a2n2
    6. Spoonman
    7. TPStag
    8. Novastinger
    9. Jesse
    10. teknikalei
    11. hangeduplife

    You guys slacked here, nice freebie up for grabs and 11 entries? Tsk tsk. thanks to those of you how entered, and a big thanks to Tusk. gives me numero 6. Congrats spoon!

  10. Woohoo! Thanks to GameSniped, UncleTusk and (My favorite random # gen!) πŸ™‚

    I will give the box a good home!

  11. I got the prize box today. I have to say I’m very impressed! UncleTusk is a friggin’ legend. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again guys!

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