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The Treamcast

I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these on eBay. But it must have been ages ago when the system was still alive. I think I might have even found out about the Treamcast on eBay. The only place I know of that has one of these is at the Digital Press store in Clifton, NJ. They have this, among with other rare goodies, at their little museum in the back corner of the store.

For those who didn’t know, the Treamcast was an unofficial, unauthorized unit that was made in Hong Kong. There were a handful of sellers online selling these things but they weren’t really cheap at the time. The system itself is just based off of the Dreamcast, they just modified top to fit a small screen. The screen is made from the PSone screen fitted onto the top of the unit. It also came with 2 Sega Saturn looking controllers and a remote. It also supports VCD’s (that’s why it came with a remote) – vcd was a very popular format in China back in those days. It came with a car adaptor so you can use it in car and a bag that hold everything (the bag itself kinda reminds me of those bags they used for massagers sold in Brookstone stores).

Sega was not happy about this device and the company that were making these were accused of copyright infringement and shortly after that, its Treamcast no more. Looking at a few links on a Google search, I found out that the unit was actually still being sold up until 2006 at a few Hong Kong stores online.

The seller has 2 of these but only 1 listing shows the actual unit. I don’t think these things are worth the price the seller is asking for. But you can always make an offer.


Here’s an overview found in YouTube.


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  1. Ouch, those do seem over-priced don’t they? Especially considering it’s the widescreen version, hardly a bonus considering all DC games are 4:3.

    I’ve got a black Treamcast that I’ve had for a while, supposedly it has the best screen for clarity (and it’s 4:3). It’s a handy thing to have if you want to play Dreamcast games on the go.

  2. I have an original Treamcast with 4:3 screen, I bought it using Lik-Sang credit I got from one of their FAQ contests (miss those, super easy to win if you just spent a little time going through all the questions). I’ve still got the fancy zip up carrying case and everything.

  3. Its worth whatever someone is willing to pay or in this case whatever you could haggle it down to. Scarcity and collectability definitely do add some value to the item. The other one is only $450.

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