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Korean Games

I wouldn’t call Korean games rare – if you’re in Korea. You don’t see many of them for sale in America however.

Side note: If anyone knows of any online stores that carry Korean games, let me know.

One seller has several available right now.

Mega Drive Battle Mania, SNES Yoshi’s Island 2, SMS Game Gear Compilation, Mega Drive Uzu Keobukseon, Mega Drive Ecco The Dolphin, Mega Drive Gam Together 3, Saturn Sega Rally Championship and lastly, my favorite, SNES Super Mario All-Stars.

Prices are half decent. A $35.00 BIN for Korean Super Mario All-Stars would be a nice addition to a SNES Collection. The MD drive games are mostly exclusives though, and the price is a bit heftier.


Gamecube Dolphin Dev UnitThanks Brandon!


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  1. this is a pet hate of mine also. “uncommon” would be a more appropriate description.

    The notion of including the word “rare” to increase hits to your auction is totally flawed anyway as everybody does it. /rant.

  2. Ive actually seen people give out advice via forums on using rare to make their items sell better. I highly doubt it will work on random carp, but maybe more interesting stuff like this, who knows. Maybe it might make it stand out more if a search brings it up, but I doubt anyone is search for RARE NINTENDO or whatever. You never know though.

  3. Heh, well unfortunately uncommon is 7 characters, while rare is only 4. If I had 7 characters to work with I would have written Famicom instead, but well yeah.

    Anyways glad to see those sold quickly after the posting here. Korean SFC/SNES games are actually a good bit rare here. Everything I find for the SFC/SNES is Japanese. The only Korean stuff I have found are items published by either Nintendo or Capcom. I think support was very limited. Boxed games are much harder to come across, but either way Korea had a much smaller gaming market at the time so print runs were much smaller and I’ve heard a lot of stuff was tossed. Not much value is placed on the retro market here. Anyways, make of it what you will.

    For one reason or another Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario All Stars are pretty available so I’ve listed up another couple if anyone is interested. After this I’m out of them though.

    I’m also adding one other item readers may be interested in. A Korean version of Mega Man X3. The copy is sealed. I have no doubt the game is new, however as SFC games were never shrinkwrapped I don’t why this one is different. I actually found 2 copies of it and both were in this condition.

    You can view all my items up for sale here:

    Thank you for posting this Link

  4. Cool stuff, I’ve no idea about the SFC games, but I know the NES Korean games seem very difficult to come across. I have a nifty CIB (looks like the contents are unused) copy of Tetris that is the Korean version and while I don’t actively search for them, I’ve only seen a handful of other titles. SMB3, Anticipation and Super Spike Volleyball are the only other three that come to mind.

  5. Yes, since I have been here I have found 5 NES Korean games. All have been cartridge only and overpriced. One of them was Anticipation as you mentioned. The other ones I saw were Zelda, and then the three Mario games.

    The change in format in Korea from NES to Super Famicom is interesting to me. I think originally Korea got the toaster NES in conjunction with the ban on Japanese products to make the Famicom games unplayable in Korea. I’m not sure what happened, but now anyone that wants to play old games gets Famicom clones and a handful of bootlegs. There is no place for those NES cartridges and no machines to play them on.

    When the Super Nintendo rolled around however, Korea instead got Super Famicom style cartridges instead of the US SNES ones. Despite a ban in place everything here is Japanese Super Famicom stuff. It was probably cheaper for the Koreans to buy as there may have been a large resale market. This stuff is all kind of guesses though based on what I see though, none of this info is definitive by any means.

    I think those things considered and the relatively small retro scene really make it hard to find this old Korean stuff. That and a lot of it may already be in the hands of collectors.

  6. The only Korean Megadrive game in my collection is the ecco the dolphin one. A few years back I went around trying to find every copy of that game on any console. It’s one of my personal favorites.

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