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Uncharted 2 – 9 Carat Gold Coin

This very limited edition coin was one of four given away in a New Zealand contest, held by Sony in October of 2009.

Gamers could register to take part in the contest by signing up at the Nathan Drake, NZ page on Facebook. Nathan Drake is the main character in the game, which sees him embark on an epic quest to find the legendary Cintamani Stone.

Once registered, you received a clue which began a hunt for more clues, solving puzzles and ultimately completing Drake’s quiz.

“Make sure you pay attention because the higher your score in the final quiz, the better your chance is of winning the major prize draw for your choice of a set of newly minted Uncharted 2 gold coins or a Sony home entertainment system consisting of a Sony Bravia TV, Sony home theatre system, one of the new 120GB PS3 consoles and a stash of Sony Pictures Blu-ray movies and PlayStation 3 games.”

Prizes included copies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, exclusive PlayStation and Uncharted 2 merchandise, Sony Ericsson W705 phones, a Sony S Series Cybershot Camera, a Sony Video Walkman, music courtesy of Sony Music , SKY City movie passes, and a range of Sony Pictures Blu-ray movies. Plus a brand new PS3 to the first person to get everything right.

Not sure if finalists got the coin, or if they were randomly awarded. I can’t seem to figure it out going through the old content material either.


One last thing, I did find this exact image from the auction used somewhere else. With that, and the one feedback seller, I would be careful. Seems an odd item to pull a scam with however.


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  1. Hi. I’m the seller of this gold coin, just happened across this website while Googling for the original auction as eBay haven’t kept it. Most of the information in the above description is correct, however I’d like to clear up a few things.

    The finalist was given the choice between 2 prize packs: $5000 worth of Sony gear and games, or gold coins worth as close as possible to $5000, plus other Sony gear to add up to the total. Under the last paragraph, you have listed that you found that exact image used elsewhere. If you could tell me where, I would love to know so I can see for myself. Basically, I started the eBay account years ago, but this is the first thing I have needed to sell internationally. I can contact any interested buyers by email if need be.

    With the note about scams, I have had people attempt to scam me on this exact coin, so I have no wish to inflict that on anyone else. Why would I anyway, I still have 3 other coins.

    • Forgot to mention, I will be relisting this coin in the next few days. So keep an eye on eBay and search for “Uncharted 2 – 9 Carat Gold Coin”

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