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Atari 5200 Muppets Go Round Prototype Lab Loaner

Nicola briefly mentioned this before, but as it’s ending today I wanted to take a second look at it.

Up for auction is the only known copy of Atari Muppets-Go-Round for the Atari 5200. This game was under development for the rumored Kid’s Controller but was discontinued after massive cutbacks at Atari during the 1983 video game industry crash.

It’s a previously known game, but never had a confirmed prototype until now.

So it’s unreleased, undumped game. Big bucks right? Well in theory, no. Problem is that it’s an Atari 5200 game. A Atari system which had nowhere near the love, or number of collectors of the 2600. In reality, the auction is garnering a lot of bids and looks well on track to sell for more that I, or many collectors would have guessed. As I’ve stated frequently lately, If you’ve got one of a kind stuff in your collection, now is a good time to dig it out to sell.

Though the game is called Muppets Go Round, it actually features Seseme Street Characters, which admirably are technically Muppets (Both are Jim Henson creations). Characters included are Bert, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Moster, and more

The game play is done mostly through the keypad. There is no sound included, as the game was still in early development (sound was usually added later in the development process). Gameplay is obviously kid orientated, having you matching letters and completing words.

Game controls are the numeric keypad and start/pause/reset buttons only. The trigger buttons and joystick do not do anything (apparently), although it`s possible the children’s controller might have introduced additional button combos or functionality.

I’m excited to see this auction end and even if the game remains publicly unreleased, it will be great to see it dumped to make sure it survives.

Link – Already at $810.00 with sixteen hours to go.


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  1. Why is now a good time to sell one-of-a-kind stuff? Because of all the media attention from the recent Atari and NES sales?

  2. Yup. Exactly. In both NES and Atari collecting specifically, there have been a few SPEED COLLECTORS (think the term was coined on AA, maybe it was NA) that are buying high priced game after game, often paying more than market value. I know on AA there’s been a lot of discussion as I believe there two or three new collectors (as seen from eBay bid history) that are bidding on R9s like crazy.

  3. do you think it would be worthwhile to put up unique items from systems with less rabid followings ( like GB) ?

  4. Well, its a Nintendo do system, so that always helps. Plus GB is starting to take off. You can always throw a huge BIN on it with an OBO, especially if there is a promo on to help cut your fees.

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