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Sega Dreamcast Regulation 7 Limited Edition R7


The limited edition R7 Dreamcast was released in Japan. Oddly,”Regulation#7″ actually refers to the second provision of the first section of regulation seven in the Japanese penal code pertaining to businesses that are deemed to affect public morals. The system is a special refurbished Dreamcast that was originally used as a network console in Japanese pachinko parlors. It comes in a black case with a black controller in a black retail box, all marked with R7 branding. Due to its late date of release and common availability, it is considered one of the more easily obtained LE Dreamcast consoles.

(Thanks Cheung!)


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  1. that is the least elegant mod I have ever seen. the entire console is just bolted to the back of a screen! lol.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that myself… I wonder how good it is for the disc-mechanism to be constantly spun and rotated while it’s trying to access the disc… Motion-controlled consoles should probably not be modded into portability…

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