Red Dead Redemption Launch Kit – $1,575.00

That’s not a typo.

Cool item, cool game, but I don’t get the price.


These have sold for about $150 before, so unless I’m missing something, I’m calling shenanigans.


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  1. This seller used the same auction text and title as the first seller that phear3d listed, too. And they are both in Texas. I wonder if the second seller bought it from the first, picked it up, and turned around and listed it, lazily using all the same info as the first. As for the crazy high price, maybe the person used some kind of false-bidding friend (wouldn’t be surprising since apparently he or she doesn’t mind lifting every image and bit of info from another auction). Or just got “lucky.”

    • i actually know the person who lost out on this bidding war on ebay. he subsequently went on to purchase another one. quickly he caught on to a bidding fix which many suspect and he withdrew his offer

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