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Fox Hunt Promo Set

Lots of rare items are poping up on eBay lately, which is a great thing! At this time I bring you the Fox Hunt Promo Set on a pink backdrop?. I have never seen this set before and it looks very intriguing. The set consist of a briefcase, the game, the soundtrack, an accordion file folder, and some sort of guide or tips for the game which comes in an oversize envelope. Perhaps maybe at one point the game was sealed? Who knows..

The price is listed at $375 but you can always make an offer. This is definitely one of the coolest items i’ve seen this year.


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  1. The pink goes everything a wierd hue. Good for catching eyes maybe, but I don`t know if its an overall good ideas.

    Sweet Promo though.

  2. The pink is rough to look at, but it does catch the eye. BTW, rumor floating around that gamerave won this. I knew I should have done BIN.

  3. I hear that DB won it only to make it worth the 2k monies so he can be a rich bastard when he resells it in a week.

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