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Reproduction Sega Master System Games

This seller has a ton of nice Sega stuff. Brazillian Master System Exclusives, Korean Genesis Games, Portuguese Master System Exclusives, PAL Games, Kixx Exclusives, Sealed Copies, Unreleased games and more. The later presumably being reproductions, or “reprogrammed” as the auction states.

Lots of cool stuff for Sega fans.


1997 E3 Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Statue – Hand painted 15” E3 promo statue.
Nintendo Parachute Game and Watch Factory Box Only
Nintendo Snoopy Tennis Game and Watch Factory Box Only
Mario & Peach Promo Telephone Cards


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  1. Don’t buy from this seller they severly over charge for games and the reproductions are really poor quality you could find better quality versions for half the price.

    If anyone here is looking for Brazilian exclsuives i have some spare that are complete.

  2. I just budget crunched my personal savings account and I am now inclined to agree they are overpriced. However that doesn’t stop me from drooling xD

  3. Why is this site advertising blatant bootlegging? Plus the guy doesn’t even have the decency to state they’re homemade bootlegs, he just says “reprogrammed”, which not every average person is going to figure out means a bootleg.

    Sellers like this make me sick, and I’m pretty disappointed to see this site actually supporting it.

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