$5.00 Sale – Gaming Magazines 1 Year Subscription

Official XBOX Magazine, Playstation: The Official Magazine, Nintendo Power and PC Gamer – all $5.00 a pop for a one year subscription. Up to $114.88 (96%) off. Quite a deal and I wish I could grab this in Canada.


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  1. Hmm… Electronic Gaming Monthly ran a similar deal shortly before they folded.

    Marketing print magazines to a demographic composed almost entirely of rabid tech enthusiasts has got to be getting tougher and tougher.

  2. ARGH I’m in Canada too so I also get the shaft.

    It’s like we’re treated like a totally different country for christs sake 🙂

    At least our maple syrup is stronger and all you can hear in the country is the clanging of all our gold medals from the last Olympics.

  3. Awesome – grabbed a subscription to Nintendo Power just for fun (and hopefully the Wii Virtual Console and DSWare updates will be substantial) . . . also the contests might be nice to enter.

    Sorry to the Canadians here. I empathize with you! I have Canadian family. And the first time I visited Victoria in my early teens, I was quite pleased with the amount of shops aimed toward Japanese pop-culture. It was fantastic. And Vancouver has great music stores. Also, Constellation Records is one of my favorite record labels and they are based in Montreal . . . so, violentsnake, there are a few things I have added to your list 😛

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