Opening An Online Video Game Store

This is something I’ve been thinking of doing lately.

Would you be interested in me extensively documenting the process? I know it’s something a lot of people want or think about doing, and I think I could offer some great tips and advice as I go through my own process.

Basically, as I’ve said before I have a lot of random games I don’t really want. As with most collections, a large part of this is stuff that sells for minuscule amounts at online auction, if it sells at all. A personally owned store will give me a medium to list these things until they sell, without worrying about the hassle that comes with eBay these days.

My goal would not be to make a living from it, just more or less move some stuff would be gathering dust otherwise.

There’s a variety of other reasons I want to launch a store as opposed to selling via other routes, but I will go into them in more detail if I write about this further.

Sound interesting? Let me know via the comments.


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  1. That would be a really neat idea. I have been toying with the idea of starting a similar business myself recently, so I’d love to read about your experiences.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea! As much self control as we’d like to have, we don’t blog about video games without buying them from time to time…if not more frequently. All that stuff takes up space, and it’s nice to be able to put it back into the gaming/collecting community. Go for it!

  3. I would love to read about the process, too. It’s not something I have considered doing in the past, but one never knows what one might do in the future. Or, similar to what another commenter said, I may consider something similar – and it’s always interesting to read or hear about people’s pursuits as related to their passions. (For example, the Penny Arcade TV episodes that touch on their roots and the building of their massive business were particularly interesting to me.)

    Even if someone isn’t pursuing the exact same process of opening a video game store like you, anybody can probably glean some good information and even general life advice from your documentation.

    So I say go for it – the documenting *and* the store. (Besides, you might have some games I want. . .)

  4. Great idea! I vote for yes.

    That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for the past 15 years myself, but a back injury put the halt on things unfortunately. πŸ™

    I hope for only the best for your store Link.

  5. Definitely would be interested.

    I’ve toyed with it for a while, but I couldn’t find anything easy enough. The tough part is that everything is individual, and you may not have 20 copies of any one thing. Online storefront designs are generally not setup to manage so much inventory. And I found that the biggest issue was that you couldn’t get a webfront to calculate shipping to anywhere without paying for it. I’ll be looking out for it!

    I ended up using a store on eBay and selling as much as I can at shows like Midwest Classic. Shows are the quickest way to reduce inventory.

  6. It’s something that would be pretty unique to share, and unique seems hard to find on the internet at times. If you have a desire to start a storefront and a want to share the trials and tribulations of doing such a thing, than I say go for it.

  7. There’s free software such as ZenCart that has inventory management. You can tell it you have 1 or 5 and when they’re sold they’re not listed on the website anymore.

    A good service would be if you could import certain systems and games into the United States. Here’s some things I see people always looking for:

    – Weird and funky systems
    – Interesting handheld systems with hundreds of NES games built in. There’s one that looks like a Gameboy Advance and has over 500 games built in.
    – I think Famicom games would be a good thing to sell. I’ve seen lots of a few hundred Famicom games sell online for under $100 US, plus shipping, plus a small fee for the company bidding on the item for me from Japan. Thing is I can see a picture of all the games, but don’t fully understand Japanese to know what I am really bidding on. Am I really bidding on 230 Famicom games? Do they work?
    – Atari 2800’s seem to show up in Super Potato often? People seem to pay good money for them over here.

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