Nintendo DS & GBA Not For Resale Bulk Lots

50 Ds Demo / Not For Resale Carts

30 GBA Demo / Not For Resale Carts

High buy it now prices, but these auctions don’t come around in this sort of bulk too often.

8 Responses to “Nintendo DS & GBA Not For Resale Bulk Lots”

  1. Links not working

  2. Thanks Duck. Links fixed.

  3. Sorry guys! Will get the links right next time I promise 😛

  4. If their ‘Not For Resale’ Then why is the seller charging us for them~ /silly joke.

  5. Too bad one can’t get a list of carts actually typed out in the auction. I guess it would require a BIN of 1500 or more.

    Way too many common doubles in there, especially in regards to the US carts.

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