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Super Famicom Box Nintendo Hotel System Console

The Super Famicom Box was a game system used in hotels in Japan. Using special carts, the hardware was a play to play system. Insert money, and you were given five minute of playtime. The games themselves were specially produced multicarts with more than one game on them. One such cartridge contains Star Fox, Super Mario Kart and Mario All-Stars. I believe that this cart is actually required for the system to boot. This specific auction also includes New 3D Golf Simulation and Mahjong.



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  1. It’s funny you mention this, Link. Back in the day when I was like 17, I was working at a small motel in my town. They actually bought and installed Super Famicom Boxes for the hotel guests. To this day, only one remains and it’s in the office.

  2. I played a version of this at a hotel in Montreal in ’99. It had a very generic looking controller (3rd party) and a few SNES games. I was tempted to buy a game or too, but I spent my money on alcohol instead. 😛

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