Rockman 4 Gold Famicom Cart

Rockman 4 Gold Famicom Cartridge
Only 8 copies around. Because the carts were issued as prizes for those who won the RM4 Japanese boss design contest back in 1991. Design one of the 8 Robot Masters (bosses in the game) and get a golden copy Famicom grail.

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From what I can dig up online, as of 2009 only three copies were confirmed. One on display and sale for $6,000 in the Japanese retro gaming Store Super Potato, one each in the hands of Ring Man’s and Bright Man’s designers. However, the info on the ownership of the Bright Man cart dates from back circa 2004.

Also (and I can’t confirm this) these may be individually numbered inside their shells. Apparently Super Potato demonstrated this somewhere once.

Here’s a video I found of the cart at Super Potato.


Looks to be fake. The auction is using the same stock photo as an apparent fake sold on Yahoo! Japan in December 09.

Thanks Dan!

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  1. My friend sold a copy of this he found for 5000 euros.

  2. This seller is selling the fake one that was featured on Yahoo Japan a while back:

    Seller is using same stock photos as the fake cart. Buyer beware.

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