Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 35MM Film Trailer

I`m pretty sure Nicola plugged a similar Film Reel back in 2007. I can`t find a record of the price, but it was far from cheap. I wonder where this may have actually been used.

$40.00 With 10 Hours To Go

Actual commercial shown below.


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  1. These trailers were sent to movie theaters around the time the game was released. Each theater would receive 2-10 of them (or more for huge megaplexes) depending on the number of screens they had. Theater chains like AMC and Cinemark participate with Screenvision, which is the company that provides the non-movie ads you see when you go to a theater (most of these have been replaced with video projectors now though, so the film versions will be less common these days). Just like the Coke and Army commercials, occasionally they would send game trailers…

  2. Cool. I didn’t know Nintendo had done this prior to the Game Cube launch. I have their original 35mm GC launch trailer which is really cool. I got it from a friend who managed a Hoytes cinema in NY.

    Anyone know what those are worth?

  3. Stuff like that is hard to gauge Spoon just because it’s a very oddball niche item. I have a Playstation reel, no idea what’s on it, that I listed a few years ago once or twice and it wouldn’t sell at $20. It’s chilling in my sock drawer.

  4. Yes, as was previously mentioned, movie theaters received these commercials to place in front of trailers on movies. I worked in a theater for about 10 years. We got a ton of these things. I still have some Final Fantasy VII commercial reels and a few Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Didn’t realize Majora’s Mask had one, but I had left the theater that used them in 1999. May have a commercial from FF VIII, but can’t remember…

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