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Anyone even reading gameSniped today?

With E3 in full swing, I expect many of you may be following live coverage. I’ve got the XBOX conference on at the moment, which has been vaguely entertaining.

Highlights in my opinion so far are:

  • COD: Black Ops looks sweet, but I expect it to not be as good as MW2.
  • MGS: Rising looks awesome, plus chopping up people and watermelons will be equally fun.
  • I still don’t care about Halo, although Space Battles will be an interesting addition.
  • Two sequels in an I still have no interest in even playing Fable.
  • Kinectimals looks surprisingly good. Kids (and my wife) are gonna love this. It’s like Nintendogs on PCP.
  • My parent might finally be able to play a movie on XBOX with Kinect (Project Natal).
  • My son is going to go ballistic over Kinect Joy Ride.
  • Anyone watching it? Thoughts?

    I’ll have some actual auctions up shortly, and will be checking throughout the day to see if 2010 E3 swag is showing up.


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    1. Is Bungie going to do a standalone presentation for Reach? I have the XBox Conference on DVR and haven’t seen anything yet.

      • And I know they talked about Halo during Microsoft’s conference but I was hoping they’d go more indepth on a stand alone conference.

    2. It started off well enough with MGS Rising and Gears 3, but I found most of the Natal stuff pretty boring.

      I suppose I shouldn’t complain about something that I’m not in the target market of, otherwise I’ll sound like my parents complaining about modern music. πŸ˜‰

      I was hoping for a few more big surprises, especially as images of the “slim” Xbox had already leaked, but I guess I’ll have to see what Sony and Nintendo have.

    3. I pre-ordered my KINECT device from my cousin’s GameStop. A device that makes the Wii look like even more crap. I also bit the bullet and pre-ordered the launch titles for it. You’re right about one thing, Link, your son is going to love that racing game πŸ˜€

    4. The “Kinect” (horrid name) could be the worst thing I’ve seen since the PS Snow Cone. The motion truck pulled out a year ago.

    5. my problem with kinect right now is that there really isn’t a software that might want me to buy one. the fitness stuff is cool, but how much of that is gameplay? the nintendogs-like game doesn’t interest me at all.

    6. I didn’t think Microsoft could outdo Sony at bad presentations, but they managed it yesterday with this one. Cringeworthy for most of it at best. Nintendo and Sony must be laughing… then again, Sony still has to demonstrate Move now…

    7. I find it funny. Let’s bash a device we don’t have in our possession yet. The fact is, Microsoft is the last one to try their hand at motion control. If KINECT fails, then it’s doubtful anyone will go back to motion control. But to me, I refuse to jump on the “Motion Control Fails” Bandwagon until I see what Kinect does for myself. Besides, my cousin works for gamestop, I can have that thing under a full return~

      They always say, never judge a book by it’s cover. It applies to new hardware. As for their presentation, They gave Halo Reach barely any airtime. Nice job microsuck, ignore the biggest game of the year >.< Bungie really needs to yell at microsoft for that.

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