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Nintendo NES Virus Prototype (Dr. Mario)

All signs point to this one being legit, and a very early copy of Dr. Mario.

The first party board has two EPROMS, and the actual number on the board is the number that’s used for retail copies of some first party games. That makes this either a prototype or a pirate cart that was created from another donor cart.

This is possibly the third copy of such an early proto of Dr. Mario, and to my knowledge none have been dumped to date.

Auction here.

Thanks as well to the multiple people who sent me an email about this.


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  1. dang he found it where I’m from, that flea market is way on the southside though. if I had the hardware I’d hit him up to see if he’d dump

  2. I asked my hubby and he seems to think this may be legit. A pirater would never go out of the way to recreate first party hardware and markings to just simply sell a rom dump. Although never say never, but in this case, it looks legit. I’ve only seen one other one like this and it was also confirmed to be an early prototype. As for the dump, I turned up no confirmations of this being a dump.

  3. It’s interesting to me because I believe Dr. Mario is mmc1 where this is an nrom game (game without a mapper). Almost looks like an early build that the game then went through drastic changes.

  4. this is a 50% 50%

    Mario virus sounds like typical pirate name if you look at how they call all the other pirates.

    On the other hand,it also sounds like nintendo banning.
    programmers make mario virus,people from marketing say:hell no.
    mario virus sounds like hiv virus.Change it.
    Sounds crazy 🙂 check nintendo history on banning stuff blood,sex,politic is just the top of the iceberg they banned stuff and made crazy links for banning.

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