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E3 Expo 2010 Promo Goodies

Finally we’re starting to see more E3 Swag show up for sale.

My overall favorite has to be, hands down, this Donkey Kong tie.

Other personal favorites include this UFC 2010 shirt signed by a bunch on no names (Sorry Joe Stevenson), Pac-Man Lanyard, Epic Kirby Patch, Harvest Moon Plush Horse (yes, I’m a sucker for Harvest Moon – sue me), Zelda Skyward Sword Tee and this large box of assorted swag.

See all the latest E3 Swag here, or check out a handful below.

[phpbay]e3 2010, 20, “”, “bully wetsuit flatcar”[/phpbay]


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  1. The Harvest Moon horse plushie will be the promo give away item for the new DS game that comes out in another month. Save the coin and get the game with a free horse.

  2. We have a corner of Harvest Moon plushies,. All Harvest Moon games are bought day 1 to ensure that we get the plushies.

    Reserve Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar and receive a collectible horse plush. Available online and in-store while supplies last.

    Online Customers: Horse plush will ship with your game.

    In-Store Pickup / Store Customers: Horse plush will be available at time of game purchase.

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