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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP Famitsu Jigsaw Poster Set

I’m told this is a Famitsu exclusive that’s tough to find at this price. It was originally only available on their website and now been discontinued. Includes the PSP game software, a water bottle (“Peace Water”), a 1000 piece puzzle (“Love & Piece”) and art work of the completed puzzle.

Auction Here

You can also check out the entry for the item on DieSnake, the Metal gear Collector Forum.

Edit: Looks like it sold already.

Seller also has another copy bundled with the PSP Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Premium Package and a PSP Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Konami Style
(which was limited to 1974 sets).

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  1. The Premium package is an amazing item, especially limited to 1974 which is crazy for a system package. Even if you bought it at retail price through a bid service it cost over $500USD.

    Here’s actually a video of me opening the mailing box to mine.

    The package as you can see is smaller than it may seem in photos, and much smaller than the highly regarded Konamistlye PSP+ Portable Ops deluxe package which had an even higher print run of 2500 and has closed as high as $800+ in the past. There is good investor value in the PW package trust me.

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