XBOX 360 Signed By MC Hammer

Well, not a full XBOX 360- just the case. Signed by MC Hammer. Really, what more can I say?

White Xbox 360 case, signed by MC Hammer.

  • For use with HDMI versions
  • No Faceplate
  • Can be touched
Thanks Alex!

11 Responses to “XBOX 360 Signed By MC Hammer”

  1. Stop. Hammer Time.

    I’ll be over there in the corner with the dunce cap on.

  2. “Can be touched”


  3. “too legit”

  4. can’t touch this..UNTIL you win it ..and it comes with the mail.

  5. That 360 is too legit to quit!

  6. I’ve got diplomatic immunity so Hammer you can’t sue. Can’t Touch Me~!

  7. You are all incredibly lame (in a good way).

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