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Yellow and Gold Playstation 2

You can almost always guarantee that gold consoles are going to be rare/sought after almost right after its release. After all, they’re always produced in limited numbers since nobody really have anything covered in gold paint (as far as electronics are concern) in their house so the market for it is always very slim. Here we have a used original Mobile Suit Gundam Z Limited Edition Gold Ps2 bundle. It’s too bad the seller didn’t have any other pictures other than the box itself. But I found one on the internet:

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Another Ps2 I had on my watchlist is this Yellow one I found more than a month ago. Only 666 (great number) made and it comes with a yellow controller as well. From the looks of it, it kinda looked like a fake yellow ps2 because it looks as if that the yellow paint was painted over on some parts of the Ps2 logo. But the label in the back looks authentic.

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  • PSX DVR DESR-5100 for $330 – this is actually slightly cheaper than what this seller have (hes got quite a few). I think he’s the same person selling that other one I featured awhile back. Shipping is still a bitch though (no wonder he couldn’t sell the other ones).

WTF we’re you thinking:

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  1. The PSX goes for a lot on E bay. Luckily I got my PSX DESR-7000 for around 8,000 yen(about $90). Fantastic machine, especially for its time. The new PS3 bundled with Torne basically offers the same comforts the PSX had, only now for HDTV content. This time around it wont cost you an arm and a leg though. 🙂

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