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216 Sealed PS1 Game Lot

Well, that’s the title. It’s actually 202 Factory Sealed PlayStation Games, 14 Sealed PlayStation 2 Games and a copy of a Syphon Filter 3 Alternate Version.

This is not some crappy lot you usually see with this quantity, as there are a ton of nice titles here. Including popular games and RPGs which usually fetch some decent money on their own.

Auction is currently at $500 with a week to go. Seller also has it posted as a BIN of $12,000 OBO. Pretty sure that’s violating some eBay regulation.

(Thanks Dark Sol!)


Massive 30 Year Game Collection (Thanks Anthony!)

Stellaview Jacket & Signup Form – More info on the Stellaview here. (Thanks Eric!)

Panasonic FZ-35S M2 Kiosk – Includes original shipping box. I know very little about these and guess some of you may be in a similar boat. Want a more in depth article on it?

Sealed Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition – Limited to 1000 copies. (Thanks GoSM!)

Super Nintendo SNES Pro Fighter X – Use your Floppy disks on the SNES.

Several Nintendo DS Demo Lots – Advance Wars, Mario, Pokemon, and lots of nice titles. (Thanks Amaury!)

Ratchet & Clank Inflatable OmniWrench – Handed out for a limited time at last year’s Penny Arcade Expo.

Sonic Adventure 2 Limited Birthday Pack – Includes a CD with the soundtrack to all the old Genesis Sonic games, a retrospective book, and a gold Sonic engraved coin.

Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobblehead Version 1 – With the thumbs-up pose made of ceramic as opposed to the plastic version sold later.

Nintendo Donkey Kong Bank

Super Mario Bros. 3 Japanese Board Card Game

Gears Of War 3 E3 Poster Set

Mass Effect Garrus Lithograph – 43/300

Metal Gear Solid 4 Extra Limited Exclusive Lithograph – 51/99. Hand signed by both Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa.

Vintage Pac Man Beach Towel

Metal Mario / Pac-Man Serving Trays


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  1. That Sonic 2 Birthday pack is pretty common.

    The dual auction listing for that PSOne stuff isn’t kosher either.

  2. re: the ps1 lot

    isnt this the same seller selling that ridiculously priced syphon filter 3 variant? he pulled the listing now i see.

  3. OOhh.. The Pro Fighter X is cool! I used to have a few of these back in the day. I always loved how they used the Street Fighter 2 style logo.

    The box was the best part for me. 🙂
    If anyone wins the auction and wants to make it complete with the original box and baggy (both mint) let me know. The box is more rare than the unit itself btw.

  4. I’m selling the pro fighter, I actually do have the original box but for the life of me I can’t find where in the world it’s at. If I manage to find it I’ll send it to the buyer but so far no luck

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