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Massive Sega Collection

Want to instantly be an ultimate Sega fan? This collection might be for you. Including games, consoles and accessories for the Genesis, Mega Drive, 32X, Mega CD, Sega CD, Saturn and the Dreamcast. You normally don’t see such a mix of US, EU and JP games together.

Auction Here – Far from cheap with a day to go.


205 SNES Game Lot – No titles, listed as mostly sports. Only $0.50 each as of posting.
64 Game Saturn Lot
Lot Of 40 PS1 Chrono Cross
Lot Of 40 PS1 Final Fantasy Origions
Lot Of 39 PS1 Final Fantasy 9
Another Interesting Saturn Collection
250 NES Game Lot
10K Retail Price Accessory Lot – $910 BIN. Also a 5k version for $500 BIN.


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  1. I believe I know why that uber-massive Sega collection is going for so much… Under the Mega Drive section, he has the Japanese release of Tetris (and yes, it’s CIB): it’s in the pics, 6th pic, 3rd row, 9th from the right. That alone likely accounts for ~50% of the current bid.

  2. ‘Tis true, whether or not Tetris is legit is a legit question. However, it is advertised as with box and manual…and if I recall correctly, most, if not all of the Tetris pirates out there do *not* come with the manual.

  3. The Tetris in the picture isn’t the real one, but a pirate version instead. I think you see it for sale quite a lot in Japan. I saw the version with that box in the auction picture many times before myself.

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