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NES Peek-A-Boo Poker

Peek-A-Boo Poker is just like regular online poker, except for the fact that it’s quite sleazy. The game was made by Panesian in 1991 and it featured full frontal nude sprites. This was one of three “adult natured” titles by Panesian, the two other titles being Bubble Bath Babes and Hot Slots. All three titles are extremely rare to collect now due to their low sales records back in the day, and are often considered one of the cheaper holy grails for the NES.

Alternatively, you can find reproductions for much cheaper. TheNESDump sells reproductions and RetroUSB makes a cartridge called “Pirate Booty” which contains all three Panesian games on one multicart.

Here is some in-game footage

Copies currently for sale are shown below.
[phpbay]nes peek a boo, num, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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  1. This is so sad.I can remember when gamesniped was a great site and had all the rare stuff posted.
    Today the site reached a new low point.
    Making a advertisment for retrousb and thenesdump disguised as a topic over the rare panesian games.
    How stupid do you think people are.

    If the site does this fine,but be honest about it.
    Im not taking a dump on the site…but leaving a warning your loosing your public.

    People do not come here to listen to nerd talk on the main page stolen pictures etc.
    People also dont want commercial repro sites crap.

  2. as much as I hate to agree with Dutch, all these endorsements masquerading as posts really are tiresome. whilst I’m sure there are overheads to be met, I don’t think forcefeeding your readers adverts is the most honest way to accomplish this. just my 2 cents.

    • oh, and way to go with removing the “latest comments” box over there –>

      what next? deleting comment posts?

  3. I normally don’t bother respond to comments like this as it generally feeds the flames, or things get taken out of context, but I will today.

    First off dutch, I know your position on repos and RetroUSB differs from mine, and that’s fine, but you’re wrong on the reasoning behind this post.

    Was this a sponsored post? Yes. I thought that was obvious with the “This post was brought to you by PokerListings – The best Texas hold em online!”

    I considered that as disclosure about what the post was. If that wasn’t as obvious as I expected, than maybe I should look into adding an official disclosure policy to the site.

    I wouldn’t have done a post flat out plugging them, but working it into a post that does have some info in my mind benefits both the site and readers. Have most people heard of Panesian games? Probably, but that hasn’t stopped me from mentioning them before. I never realized however until writing this, that loose carts are selling for significantly less than they once did.

    As for you duck, I’m not 100% sure I’m following you. I’m guessing the forcefeeding of adverts refers to the amount of non eBay auctions lately?

    Looking through the last 100 posts I can see we’ve had a couple of Woot Shirts, the WOW Mug, the Love Tester Repo, the Mario Yahtzee, and Etsy Cutting Boards.

    None of those were sponsored posts. The closest you could come would be the Yahtzee which used the Amazon affiliate program.

    All, including the Yahtzee, were stuff that the staff generally found interesting. I’m guessing given this post appeared on the front page at the same time as a Woot Shirt and the Mug, you perceived all three as ads?

    While not often, I have plugged lots of not rare sutff through other avenues that eBay. Shirts, Board Games and Action Figures come to mind the most. Some have ran through affiliate program, some have not.

    As for the box, that’s totally coincidental. The site was lagging on me today and I disabled the widget (noticed I removed all three sections, not just the comments) so I could optimize the database. I haven’t checked but I’m guessing it puts out a lot of DB calls so I hoped it would help with the load, it seemed to work so I could get in and optimize a few things. You’ll also notice I changed the way the post topic is displayed. It will all be back shortly.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve deleted like five comments in the history of gS, all when stuff got too personal or truly out of hand. Before it get’s too far I’ll generally lock the post from new comments.

    Anyways, bottom line is gS has changed a lot since we originally launched.

    At one point we listed pretty much nothing but development stuff and protos. We now feature a lot of stuff such as obscure (both expensive and cheap) memorabilia, etc.

    Doing so has grown our audience significantly. That said, we have no interest in alienating our core regular audience.

    While we’ve got some comments to the line of “POST MOAR AUCTIONS”, we’ve also got a lot of compliments on the original content, articles and research we’ve created. And generally, as you normally see, the ones who are upset over something, tend to be the most vocal.

    My guess, is if the primary concern is over advertising, it would be best to have an established disclosure policy, like I mentioned above.

    Duck, I have your email around from some prior communication and I’m going to shoot you a message.

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