NES Cartridge Storage Case

 This was brought to my attention by MasonSushi on NintendoAge and I thought it was well worth sharing. It is an auction for a Wayne Gretzky Hockey cart that has been modified to gain easy access to the inside in order to use as a storage container. Here’s what the seller has to say:

 When closed the item appears to be an ordinary 1988 Wayne Gretzky Hockey game cartridge for NES.  A slight tug pops apart the two pieces to reveal a hidden storage space that no one will ever suspect. The game is in great condition except for some minor barely noticeable blemishes. It’s a great hiding place for money jewelry medications or anything else you can think of that you don’t want anyone else to find. Once apart, you simply close it up you simply press the two pieces lightly together and a lego piece inside holds the halves securely together. And best of all it still works. So not only are you getting a great working classic NES game but you’re getting an extremely secret storage container that looks awesome and will impress anyone you show it to. The circuit board is left in tact and makes it look even cooler you open it up, green velvet is inlaid to protect anything inside and stop jingling noise. The screws in the back of the game are also in tact so that to the naked eye when closed it appears like a perfectly normal NES game.Â

While I’m sure the seller isn’t the first person to have thought this idea up, the execution looks quite good and he put quite a bit of thought into the design. It seems a pretty fun concept…reminds me of all the spy or detective movies where they pull a book from the shelf and open it to reveal a hidden key or a wad of cash.


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  1. I thought gamesniped reached rock bottum with the poker/reproduction advertisment.
    I was wrong..

    Because here is limbofunk with a dead common cart with oh god stop the press..a hidden storage container.

    My god what is next…

    Its official gamesniped is dead.
    Advertisment and na forum stuff is on the front page.
    And its not that there is nothing out there on ebay.Because a nes proto did not get mentioned some time ago.

    That sneaky duck shakes my hand on this is a BIG warning sign.

    And i know gamesniped is not only rare games but also mario cheese pots and tetris ice cubes(and i liked it)

    That dutch nes forums like are doing a better job then gamesniped is also sad to see.

    2 extra cents.

    Big thump up for sneaky duck it takes a real man to say: that dude is a jerk but i agree with him

    second cent 🙂 gamesniped is the best for letting people speak there mind.

    • @dutchnesgamer : shutup and go away you troll.
      i’m tired of reading your useless comments every fucking page on gamesniped.

    • Seriously…

      Can we just have a “Crap on GameSniped” thread on the forum and move these kinds of posts there instead?

  2. I’m not sure hiding money inside games is the best idea.

    I suppose it might trick a thief into not realizing he stole more than just some NES carts from your collection! 😛

    I was using NES carts to hide stuff back in ’85. It actually works better with the security screws since most parents wouldn’t have a clue how to open them.

    • Yeah… I’m not sure my “wad of cash” is what I’d be hiding in there.

      What if someone blows on the contacts and gets a huge cloud of expensive white dust in the face?

      Weekend ruined.

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