Some Recent Sales

A couple of these we may have mentioned, but I wanted to look at some of the sales as of late. Lots of crazy prices here.

Nintendo M8 Store Demo Display – Sold For $1,700.00

New Nintendo Egg Game & Watch – Sold for $1725.00

Sealed NES Slalom – Sold for $1,625.00.

Nintendo Super Metroid Store Display Sign – Sold for $1,275.00.

Boxed Virtual Boy Store Display – Sold for $770.00.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Pokemon Groudon Edition – Sold for $580.00.

New Game & Watch The Juggler – Sold for $530.

Sega Dreamcast Mazzora Limited Edition – Sold for $2,399.00.

Sega Master System Store Demo System – Sold for $799.99

Boxed Sega SG-1000 – Sold for $720.00.

Limited Edition Biohazard Sega Dreamcast System – Sold for $699.99.

Sega Treamcast Portable Dreamcast – Sold for $549.95.

32X Collection – Sold for $600.00.

Sealed Megaman Sega Gamegear – Sold for $517.61.

Daytona USA CCE Net Link Edition Sega Saturn – Sold $510.00.

White Sega Game Gear – Sold for $470.00.

Sega Game Gear Red Coca Cola Limited Edition – Sold for $449.99.

Custom XBOX 360 w/ Built In Screen – Sold for $4,200.00.

Pure White 2nd Anniversary XBOX – Sold for $1,500.00.

South Park Signed XBOX 360 – Sold for $810.00.

Dark Knight Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console – Sold for $600.00.

Atari 2600 Aid Raid – Sold for $2,938.98.

Sealed BattleSphere Gold for Atari Jaguar – Sold for $763.00.

NIB Atari 2600 Dealers Test Console – Sold for $750.00.

Atari Jaguar Gorf – Sold for $645.00.

NIB Atari 2600 Videoplexer Game Selection System
-0 Sold for $399.99.

2600 Tooth Protectors w/ Manual – Sold for $375.00.

10 Million Model PS1 – Sold for $610.00.

Final Fantasy XII LE Playstation 2 Console – Sold for $320.00.

ColecoVision System Console Complete In Box – Sold for $202.50.

Atari C-100 Pong -Sold for $289.99.

Samurai Shodown V 5 US AES Neo-Geo Home Cart – Sold for $960.00.

Neo-Geo AES Blazing Star”>Neo-Geo AES Blazing Star – Sold for $931.00.

King of Fighters 2003 US AES Neo-Geo Home Cart – Sold for $635.00.

Pc Engine LT Japan NEC Console Complete – Sold for $1.350.00.

Vectrex 3D Imager – Sold for $721.00.

Would anyone like to see me make this a regular Monday feature for things that sold the previous week?


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  1. I would like to see what items sold yes.
    But sold on ebay does not mean it really got sold and payed for.

  2. growing up i pretty much played all the Game & Watch games. i’m still really amaze on how much these things go for these days.

  3. wow i picked a boxed mint condition SG-1000 for 275.00 and boxed 3D imager for 300.00 and i thought i was paying alot. I guess i “saved” 800.00 ; ) You forgot to put the box adventure vision that sold for 2250.00. this would be a great weekly post so we can see market value prices.

  4. Please make this a weekly feature!

    It’s great to see what items sold for, and not have to scroll back to previous posts to click on the auctions.

    And don’t listen to dutchnesgamer. He probably doesn’t pay for items he wins on ebay, but the rest of us do.

  5. I’d like to have seen these items featured on the site before they ended.

    For example, I’ve got saved searches for Dreamcast Mazora and Maziora but not Mazzora, so I totally missed that auction! πŸ˜‰

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