Gamecube Sign and the Zelda Box

It seems like it’s only been yesterday that we saw this huge Gamecube sign at our local game store. Now you’ll have a chance to own it. It’s about 4 feet by 1 foot according to the seller. It’s cheap too with Best Offer.

Another interesting morning find is this Zelda Box. Released around the time when WindWaker came out, this box came with a 116-page full size book that contains interviews with the creative team behind the Zelda titles with commentary with the staff that worked on WindWaker. There’s also a history of all the Zelda games, character profiles, sketches, and a guide to translate Hairia glyphs that were found in the WindWaker game.

There’s 3 sellers selling this on eBay right now. One of them is for $999 (w/ BO), and another for the same price, and a used one for $125.

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  1. I would totally buy that box of Nintendo cards if I wouldn’t end up divorced tomorrow.

    Honey, I just spent $125 on little pieces of colored cardboard that I’m going to slide into plastic sleeves and look at maybe once a year.

    I mean, it sounds perfectly normal to me. Women just don’t understand.

    • Yeah it’s too bad they didn’t have the outer box. The box really does add to the value. Since there’s 2 incomplete listings for it I wish I have a complete copy since it’ll probably sell around $250-$300.

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