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Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 (NES)

The original Nintendo Campus Challenge was a video game competition sponsored by Nintendo and held at fifty plus college campuses throughout the United States back in 1991.

Similar to the more widely known Nintendo World Championship, the contest consisted of three timed games and an overall score. Players were given 6 minutes and 21 seconds to collect 25 coins in Super Mario Bros. 3, score 100,000 points Pin*Bot and then play Dr. Mario until the time expires. The final score is then based on the Super Mario Bros. score times ten, plus the PinBot score, plus the Dr. Mario score times 100.

To date, there is only one known original copy of the 1991 Campus Challenge cartridge in existence. It was discovered by Rob Walters (jollerancher) at a garage sale in 2006. After buying a lot of games that included five Starfox Super Weekend SNES cartridges, he picked up a ton of stuff the ex Nintendo employee still had lying around in his attic. Not only did he get the NES NCC, but a SNES Powerfest 1994 cart, Earthbound 0 Proto, Nintendo World Championship Gray and lots of other truly unique stuff.

Eventually, it was sold privately for $14,000.00, and then resold three months later via eBay for $20,100.00 (US).

I’m mentioning it now because the latest owner has expressed interest in selling it, and it currently accepting offers. He has yet to list on directly on eBay, but plans to do so at some point if he doesn’t receive a pricensiders reasonable. As of posting he has what he considers two “solid” offers, but both are significantly less than what he paid.

One issue to any perspective buyers is that it was reproduced and presumably easily available if you want to download the ROM (I haven’t checked).

Historically, when a one of a kind or unreleased game becomes dumped, we see a massive price reduction if it is later resold. I asked the seller if he thought the release of the game publicly would affect the current value of the original. His response was basically “I am not sure but I don’t think so because people would still want to own the original media.”

I am inclined to agree – somewhat. Case in point is the Nintendo World Championship Cart. While a rom was available for years, it is only within the recent past that physical copies were reproduced. Once that happened, there was very little (if any) impact to the prices of originals.

Problem is the price point however. There is a very limited collector market for games that climb above $10,000 and some that I know personally place a very big premium on games that remain undumped (making a digital copy of the game). Knowing the price it sold for prior to being released, I can’t see them paying close to the $20,000.00 from last time.

Then again it is truly unique and one of a kind, has an amazing history (both the contest and the find) and finally is an awesome game to play. Those are three very strong selling points. Given some of the crazy things I’ve seen over the past year, I cannot honestly speculate on what kind of price this will eventually pull.

If you’re interested, you can email the seller (pooch) here.


Now Listed On eBay.


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  1. Great,sucks for the seller.
    But the best thing what can happen for the real nes scene is a hughe price drop(or better crash) of all the rare stuff for the nes.
    Too flush all the commercial bitches out.

  2. Before NWC repro: gold NWC = $6k
    After NWC repro: gold NWC = $15-20k+

    Before NCC repro: NCC board = $3k
    After NCC repro: NCC board = $20k

    And people thought the NWC repro would kill the market and create tons of fakes 🙂

    • @ibeenew – Hahahahahah.. Which market exactly are you talking about? Some of these prices aren’t legit. Its price fixing. An opportunist marketing scam. It brings dishonesty to the NES / video game collecting community. Not to mention a red herring there’s no legit buyers but the cohorts orchestrating the auctions.

      I would LOVE you guys to PROVE ME WRONG.
      All you have to do is:

      REVEAL ALL THE BUYERS! Provide a legitimate buyers receipt for the collecting community to view. Plus, their background and history in collecting video games. Th serious NES collecting community could better understand the “highly sought-after holy grails” that seem to just miraculously pop-up on Yahoo news every now and then with a sensational story behind it.

      I don’t think i’m asking for too much but
      to prove the legitimacy of true NES collectors and not opportunist marketing scammers.

        • @Link – In an auction of THIS magnitude you’d have to watch for those anonymous bidders because it could be their cohorts. And the winner could be same person or someone close on another account. Nobody bothers to look into it. Therefore, its looked upon as being legit.

      • The lineage of the NCC is very well known, these are all the buyers in order:

        Blaine Phelps (event organizer)
        jollerancher (DP member)
        DreamTR (very well known collector)
        jjgames (game store owner)
        pooch (very well known collector)

        Which one of those is the scammer?

        • I’ve been aware of those opportunistic owners of the NWC carts. And I know there’s not a market out there beyond those opportunistic owners.

          Speaking of which…
          Did we ever find out who bought the $41,000 Stadium Events ??? XD

          Seriously guys, you’re taking the veteran gamer as fools and making the hobby out like the “gold rush”. It really needs to stop!

          • Good job completely avoiding the question and ignoring the proof you requested. Those are all the NCC owners (not NWC). You said reveal all the buyers and their background. There they are. Which of those 5 people are the opportunist marketing scammers? Which one is not a legitimate buyer like you said?

            If none are scammers, then the prices are valid. If you think the prices are not legit, you must name the scammer.

        • @bunnyboy – I’m not avoiding nor ignoring the proof because I have yet to see proof there’s a market beyond those opportunists listed. I still haven’t seen the the list of names and backgrounds of all bidders leading into opportunistic winners of the $20,000 NWC & NCC carts.

          • Bunnyboy its the otherway around! Proof $20.000 is payed and ill believe it.
            But you and the others can’t because that amount was never payed.

            The only way this ‘gold rush”
            crap will end is when people suffer mayor money lose.
            Like selling a unreleased game on ebay and rom dumping it a few days later.

        • @Evan – Sorry,I don’t live on the internet. I’ve got other things to do. So it takes me a day later to respond. Now who’s the idiot, again?

          • Still you, for failing to actually respond to the question! Bringing in random unrelated topics just shows you can’t support what you say.

  3. Grooveraider- I think there is and always have been a market for NWC’s carts.

    The NCC how ever is another story.
    Everybody with half a brain could see the story behind this.

    Its like this…
    Bunnyboy sells ncc carts but there not selling that great.
    What to do?Lets hype it up.
    Ill sell it to a friend that resells it to another friend on ebay and make a record sale of $20.000 that will make the news.
    No way to check it out thanks to the new privacy policy of ebay.(reveal all the buyers grooveraider always says like a broken record,but this time he is wright.)

    Now its on the news,bunnyboy will sell more carts thanks to the publicity.
    We will wait a couple of monts and putt it on ebay this time for real..lets wait if some fool will buy it for a couple of thousands.

    The question here is? is gamesniped part of the scam?
    If so im not even pissed.Because then it would be 1 of the best hidden commercials out there.
    Also smart to do a over the top commercial post with panesian repro carts and then this super sneaky 1.

    • Damn you are a dumbass, by making up crazy stories about conspiracies you give them even more advertisement!

      What buyers are secret? All owners of the NCC are very well known. jollerancher who posted here bought it from an event organizer. He sold it on DP to DreamTR and he can confirm that. It wasn’t an eBay sale, not a secret.

      DreamTR then wanted arcade money so he sold it to jjgames. Again not on eBay, not a secret. See

      jjgames sold it to pooch on eBay. See pooch is the current owner, confirmed by the sale threads and current eBay auction.

      What part is secret? How do any of those people profit from repros? If it doesn’t actually get paid for, how does gamesniped profit? Maybe if you had a full brain instead of half a brain you would see the story behind this isn’t a scam like you think.

  4. Those prices where never paid.
    Ebay was part of the plan.
    The bidding ended at $20.000 so it would make the news and other sites would feature it.
    That would make people interrested and bunnyboy sells more repro’s.

    So it changed hands and forumnames are known.
    They proberly sold it under the table for a much lower price .

    And now comes the best part they resell it to a FOOL that is really going to pay thousands.

    And the greedy make more money.
    Great plan guys but not everybody falls for it.

    And if gamesniped is involved they just get a cut,just like they get for the repro advertisments.

    arrest these people for scamming.
    CASE CLOSED officer.

  5. Dutch,
    You know yourself I have a very light touch when it comes to moderation, in fact I do very little if any.

    However, I’m getting sick of your tirades. So are other staff and many readers.

    While I know it would only serve to further and prove your beliefs, you’re going to be banned from commenting soon if it continues.

    It has less to do with what you post to be honest, and more how you go about it. For example, groove has similar beliefs, but I’m not mentioning anything to him.

    You have a history like this, with comments about how gameSniped sucks, how we’re shills for retrousb, how NES collecting is basically a pyrmid scheme, blah blah etc. You seem you’re basically trolling and looking to get a raise out of people. It’s sad, because when you step out of this mode, I’ve noticed you make a few decent comments.

  6. Do you think i like this link,well i don’t!!
    But im on a crusade, a crusade to help the nes communitie.(the real 1)
    And to help people see the light and prevent them from being scammed.
    Think of me what you want, but these are my beliefs.
    And im not alone.People like grooveraider and others think the same.
    The problem is there being silenced by banning.Also funny to see that many mods sell repro carts or boxes.(on other sites)
    Many nes sites also don’t mention that there getting money for some ebay links.

    People say conspiracy fool etc. But how many people have been told that in the past and laughed at and there right later on.
    About the troll comment : am i a troll,NO! but there are always comments from people that never comment except on retrousb stuff.FUNNY don’t you think ?hows the troll?

    Its funny to see that link is the only 1 that saw that i can make decent comments.
    As a mather of fact i have many items on dutch sites that are helping beginning collectors.

    1 comment left: gamesniped does not suck,there are many great articels (like earthworm jim,tetris ice cubes etc.)But these advertisment don’t hide them just highlight them as advertisments .

    • And like all insane conspiracy theories, you have no proof and will accept no proof you are wrong. That is why you get banned because you are too stupid to accept any rational truths.

      You say NES sites are bad because they don’t tell you they make money from eBay links. Where does gamesniped state they make money from links? Oh thats right, they are part of the evil conspiracy too. Maybe grooveraider is a insider plant to gain your confidence and scam you too!

    • @Dutchnesgamer – Look, I know you mean well and all. But I think you’re going too far when you’re accusing GameSniped in this dog and pony show . GameSniped is just the messenger and I value their hard work in scooping out the otherwise spectacular auctions.

      I would appreciate it if you’d not include me in your future posts if you’re trying to blame GameSniped, please. I’d appreciate it.

  7. There’s a reason why dutch got banned from forums. NightmareTR was pretty funny though, LOL

    I sold my NCC for $14,000 to jjgames and he did make payment for it. I’ve sold another NES item for even more than that. I don’t own the original NCC anymore and anyone who knows me knows I would not part with that thing unless I was offered a crazy sum of money, so that should confirm it.

  8. DreamTR, Link, and others have included great info about the sale of NCC to verify that the sales were legitimate. I wanted to show some proof of payment for this game too.

    The two images below show the paypal payments from the seller. The total paid was for $20,100 ($22,300 minus $2,200 overpayment). I blacked out anything that would show the balance on the account for security reasons.

    Hopefully this will resolve any doubts Dutch and Grooveraider might have.

    • Thanks for doing that!

      Of course now Dutch has 2 options:

      1 – ignore this happened, keep going with the insane rants.

      2 – claim its fake, all part of the conspiracy, never accept any proof so he is always “right”.

      The one he will never choose is:

      3 – see that there is a high end market, apologize to all those he has called scammers including you.

    • @JJgames – Just be honest with us. You’re an opportunist exploiting the video game collecting scene. You’re not some average video game collector the media makes you out to be. You saw opportunity to advertise your business and therefore another business to profit off the reproductions of the NWC & NCC carts.

      Maybe a the word SCAM is too harsh of a word to describe this operation.
      But if this isn’t considered exploiting – I don’t know what is.

      • I am still waiting to hear how other people profit off the reproduction carts. Right now none of the current or previous owners gets any cut of the profits. And to match that I get absolutely nothing from the profits of the original cart selling.

        Any “advertising” from gamesniped posting NCC information has a completely insignificant affect on repro sales. Any sales of the original cart have also been insignificant. Sales by month are at The NCC was bought by jjgames in July 09. No sales bump there. He sold it in early Sept. If you think the entire increase in Sept sales was from that advertising that was a gain of 3 carts sold, or under 2% of the total sales. Normal month to month variations are frequently bigger than that. Pooch listing the NCC came in July 2010, which ties for the lowest monthly sales ever.

        Where is the exploiting profits? How are other people magically making money off the reproductions, when the total gross sales (not profits) of all NCC repros couldn’t even pay for the original cart?

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