Ridiculous King Koopa Jacket

I’m not sure if this Jacket / Sweater is hideous, or amazing. The price might seem high, but from what I understand this originally retailed for $200.00. While it is call the Limited edition ’91 Commemorative of only 1000, its a sweater produced in the past few years by the company Torrel and licensed by Nintendo.


While we’re on the topic of “urban” video game apparel. Check out these fabulous T-Shirts. I call the first one Bling, and the second one Money.


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  1. Link, let me help you out here. It’s so hideously ugly that only a hardcore Mario Fan like me would wear something so awesome 😀

  2. The jacket was for sale in Nintendo store during 2007 or 2008. I didn’t buy one because the size was too big or too small. 200 usd each.
    Know what? I was very sad there wasn’t my size!

  3. I’m looking to buy my GF a small Bowser Torrel jacket…anyone know where one is…i’m willing to spend $400 to secure one…any help would be much appreciated…thanks…

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