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Gigantic Super Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog Statues

Writing for gameSniped means I see a lot of crazy stuff. Reading it means you do too. However, I honestly can’t think of anything I’ve seen that would look more intense in a game room than these two.

I’m selling these two, one of a kind, display model Super Mario and Sonic the Hedge Hog Charactors. They are over 20 years old and they are in great condition. They are made of vacume formed plastic. They were made in two halves and the halves are cemented together. They are hand panted. These were used for store displays, back in the early 90’s. They stand over 7′ tall.

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  1. My friend bought these two some time ago and then realized he had nowhere to put them. His were also faded like these two were, so he painted all the yellowed plastic to white and resold them…maybe they’d look cool propped up in the corner of a game room?

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