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Final Fantasy VII Official Varsity Jacket (1/50)

We’ve seen one of these before, but it’s been a couple years.

The seller states:

This auction is for a Final Fantasy VII varsity jacket, this was for a promotion when the game came out and 50 of these we’re given out for people who entered for a Squaresoft drawing to win various prizes this being one of them. It’s extremely rare and only 1 of 50 ever made, I got this one after the contest and have only carefully worn once when I went to the Final Fantasy concert ^..^ One of my prize Final Fantasy pieces which I can say you will hardly ever see again, I hate to sell but must get rid of a lot of my collection due to having to move and my loss but hopefully someone will treasure this as much as I did ^..^

Last time, a similar one went unsold for $700, despite the claims of a few people that one sold previously for $1500.

Auction Here

Seller has some other cool stuff including:

Final Fantasy VII Cloud vs Sephiroth Statue
Final Fantasy VII Pepsi Promotional Display
Squaresoft Final Fantasy The Bouncer Countertop Display
Policenauts Special Edition Sega Saturn Japanese


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  1. This was brought to my attention, those are my auctions ^..^

    Never heard of this site before but looks pretty cool, as you can tell I’m into game collecting as well and will have more stuff up as I’m selling a lot of my collection in the coming monthes when I get around to listing it all lol

    Thanks for the post and the heads up to the person who pointed me here, I’m hoping my colection finds a good home amoung others who appreciate these as much as I do ^..^

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