Playstation PS1 NBA 2Ball (Working Copy #4)

An alternate title for this could easily be “How To NOT Sell A High Priced Game”. We’ll get back to that in a minute.

We covered the first public sale of the PS1 Demo NBA 2Ball back in May. After 25 bids the game ended for $710.00. The auction was widely known, as it was covered on nearly every large gaming blog out there, including Kotaku, Destructiod, etc. Given the press, I felt it was safe to see we had a good price point (on the upper end) for the game. I was wrong though, as since then, another copy sold, this time for a whopping $250.00. While it didn’t receive much fanfare, I don’t feel it went under the radar, as I’m sure anyone serious about purchasing a copy had their saved searches triggered.

Click the link above to read a full write up on the game, but basically NBA 2Ball is one of the rarest PS1 Demo CDs out there. While in theory there was a reasonable amount of them produced, very few have surfaced.

Looks like another has now popped up, with the seller listing it on eBay for a $20,000.01 BIN or best offer.

Now here’s where you lean not how to sell an item.

The seller states:

N.B.A 2Ball is a very rare game given out at the 1998 N.B.A finales. There has only be 3 or 4 known copies of the game to surface and as a add the game works. Not until a few months ago did anyone know what the game play looked like till someone opened up a new one. So heres your chance to own N.B.A 2Ball most likely for the last time. Any questions ect email me on here or im also on gamesniped, gamegavel, playstationcollecting, and petesgameroom thanks a lot p.s free shipping unless over seas

ps. I know 0 feedback is a lil offsetting for most people buy if you want me to email you more pictures with your ebay id or name next to the game or a special video to prove that its real i can do so
pps. Also paypal will be the only way to pay so your money will be safe and the paypal account i have has been used many times that is not also new

Then they have this wonderful question:

Q: Hello all this is Erin (nba2ball) ebay is being dumb and wont let me change the but it now to 5,000 so i got on a buddys account to put this up so you all could see it if you want to b.i.n contact nba2ball or email me thanks alot Jul-29-10
A: ..


So you’re selling a $250-800 item (which you value much higher), and can’t take the time to to use punctuation, let alone write a decent description. That instills so much confidence in me. Even better when the seller has unrealistic price expectations.

The seller actually posted about the game in our forum some time ago here.

Best part is:

well i would love to get it on the page i mean in my own opinion i think the game is worth much more than that
ok lets look at it like this n.w.c is the rarest game out there well what was it like when no one knew about the game or only a few people knew they didn’t go for as much money i think if people can wrap their head around the fact that there are only 3 or 4 vs n.w.c which has 90 or so and in 98 a grey sold for only 1,800 bucks in this day and age that would be the steal of a lifetime it’s commonly thought that n.w.c is worth around 20 grand but it has sold for much less previously i just don’t want to get screwed because i did not hold on to it for 10 years

Now, the seller is actually the guy who bought the $250.00 copy.

He later goes on to post:

5,000 takes it

Then today:

ok fine 1500 takes it i need money bad

Also, did I mention the eBay account has zero feedback? I realize that it’s probably a completely legit attempt at selling, but the seller is making so many fumbles in his attempts that it’s almost kind of sad. Still, I’m all about capitalism – so I wish the seller luck.

Also, they did take the time to make a video:


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  1. the 2nd copy didn’t get alot of press attention so it went a little unnoticed. perhaps if we featured it here, it would have gone a little more.

    forgive me if i may, but i think this is the same copy as the one that sold the second time around for $242. wear and tear are generally different from one another if they’re stored in different places. but the wear on this very listing matches the same as the one previously sold for $242. you have to look at the picture from the board and not on the listing to see it. most notable sign is the cut/wear between the “not” and “for”. maybe this guy had it sent to him express mail? the person who bought the game had 1 feedback, the seller selling the copy you featured had 1 feedback as well πŸ™‚

  2. I made the account for the auction as you see it is nba2ball also.
    Yes I am in need of money fast my car has shit out on me and now I have no way to get to work so at this point if everyone can see this or hear this from someone. I will sell it for the best offered price in the next two days i have to get 250 for it at minimum I think its only fare i get the same treatment as the other seller did for getting it for 700. For he put the time into trying to let people know the auction was out there. Unlike the one i bought where the gentlemen did not put any time or effort into it. Yes i may have bad spelling and i’am sorry if that puts you off. I am doing the best that I can. I stand by what i think that this is much more rare than put on about in these last few days. thank you and I once again am sorry if I have offered or made anyone think that I’m trying to scam them I am not

  3. SegaBomber – Uh, yes we do – 500 to 1000 WERE GIVEN OUT. Stop twisting the truth around. You’re failing on a scale more epic than epic.

  4. I am doing the best that I can. I stand by what i think that this is much more rare than put on about in these last few days

  5. Segabomber says he will accept $250, but the seller on ebay said he won’t accept it. The seller on ebay says he wants $700 minimum. Keep in mind either Segabomber or Ebay seller, that the one that sold for $700 was a rare white sleeved variant that not even dangerboy owns. The white sleeve is worth more than the black one you have. And yes, up to 1000 were given out. $250 is a fair offer and honestly probably too much to pay in my opinion.

  6. ok A.From interviews with the programmer, it appears that the game was given away as a promotional item at the 1998 All-Star game. No word on if it was to attendees, players, staff, etc – just that it was given out. There is currently no concept of how many were printed; most likely it would have been a a small print run. Current theories point to whatever the absolute minimum Sony would have allowed at the time, probably somewhere between 500 to 1000. Sadly, Sony does not share distribution numbers.

    500 TO A 1000 WAS A GUESS if sony didnt say this is how many there are you DONT KNOW

    B.Already at $500 with seven days to go. With the love of rare games lately, this could break a grand easily, or even surprise me totally. It’s good timing too, as PS1 collecting is just starting to hit its stride. Plus, technically this might be the rare variant of the rare game. The white case being given out as a prize as opposed to the regular black case. Then again, the black copy could be the rare variant!

    LINK SAID IT HIMSELF read the damn thing and maybe youd see that just because you dont like me dosent change the facts

    He said it could break a grand. No one knows how many there really are. All im asking is what the last one sold for that I didnt buy because I put the time in to it to get the game out there unlike the guy i got it from.

  7. If you got offered $500, you should take it. It’s a very good offer. The only reason the first auction reached $700, other than being a white variant, is that I was the second highest bidder who made it that high.

    As far as the white vs. black case, there has been two previous exchanges of black case NBA 2Balls (not including yours) versus one white variant which through even Dangerboy off. It’s safe to assume the white is the more rare version.

  8. its about option and all of us being to stubborn ok im sorry for being an ass when i didnt need to be it was un called for and childish

  9. He emailed me last month about buying it and I said no.. that didn’t stop him from continuing to try to sell it to me. πŸ˜›

    Here are the emails:

    > Sent: Saturday, July 24, 2010 1:36 PM
    > Subject: Video Game Obsession Store Inquiry
    > hey i know you collect so i thought i should tell you i have a copy of nba 2ball for sale and was wondering if youd like to buy it=

    me: no thanks, I don’t collect newer sports games…

    him >>

    well its not new its for the ps1 it is one of the rarest games of all time in 98 they made out about 500 demos at a nba finals game to hand out and none liked the demo or they never game em out or something but there are only 3 or 4 known the be in the whole world and im selling mine so off of that we can talk price you can look up a more detailed stuff online if you wish thank you ps this isnt going to be cheap but a once in the life chance

    Anyway, good luck with your sale.. It won’t be me that’s buying it though.. I am positive about that!

    • i wasnt pushing you i was making sure you understood what it was because i hardly think 12 years old is new so sorry

  10. Why doesn’t the video in this posting work? I see a picture but no vid. Anyhow, the best thing the seller could do is restart the auction with a price of $1 and let people bid it up. Starting at $20K is ridiculous.

  11. i was just waiting on offeres i said many times i know im not going to get 20,000 of it i thought it was implied like when someone sold a campus challenge not to long ago it was for 88,000 obviously no one was gonna pay that sorry if that confused anyone

  12. segabomber, you don’t have to explain shit to anyone.

    If you thought 20,000 was the best starting price, its ok. You decide what to do, not anyone else.

    You can get a few bucks even after the mess, but i think that an auction is the best way to go.

  13. The idiot selling it also went on and started insulting everyone for pointing out the same things you did. Even used the c word

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