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Sealed NES Nintendo Stadium Events

You may remember the Sealed Stadium Events that ended for $41,300.00 back in February.

Now another seller has listed what is the only other sealed copy ever to grace eBay. Even more interesting, is that the seller originally bought this copy on the site in 2006 – for a final price of $3050 US. A theoretical thirteen times return on the investment isn’t too shabby.

BIN is priced at $50,001.00 with Best Offer available.

This is a legit copy and from a reputable member of the collecting community. However, they’re most likely listing this to draw attention to their other auctions, which contain some nice sealed stuff.


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    • Good question – in the item description, he says local pick-up only.

      If I was to purchase an item this expensive, I simply would not feel comfortable knowing only $12 was spent on shipping it.

    • @Jake – Don’t believe the hype. It isn’t even worth that much! There’s someone sitting on a few containers of sealed Stadium Events as the game was stocked everywhere the Family Fun Fitness set was sold: Toys R’ Us, Fedco, Adrays, 20/20 video, Sears, FAO Schwartz – to name a few.

  1. I love how he’s scribbled Bronty all over the photos to prevent scammers re-using it for their own auctions! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yeah, maybe the people will stop and realise that they have payed 10x more for these than they really should have. There were plenty of stores that sold this game, there are bound to be more out there, I wouldnt be suprised if there are several unopened cases of these

    • How does this copy make them more common? It has been known for 7+ years. In that entire time only one or two more sealed have appeared. No way is he trying to actually sell at that price, its just advertisement for his other items.

      For everyone says they aren’t worth that much, please buy me one! I will pay you $4K for a CIB, you keep whatever extra there is. Buy one from that guy that has the containers of them for $500 and you get $3500 profit! Somehow I doubt anyone will be able to do that…

        • My holiness agrees with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

          However this is not a NEW copy, it is a KNOWN copy. This auction does not add to the total number of copies out there, so it does not make the game any more common like edwin said.

          While I would love to see a container of them appear, because I would like one, I just don’t see it happening. It happens so rarely (or never) with extremely common games that I wouldn’t expect it to happen with the single most rare production licensed NES game.

  2. Um, 2nd. I recall one of those was the pal version or a resealed copy. Something about it was fishy.

    (perhaps link can set the record straight).

  3. 3rd. The first one made Yahoo! news, then about 2 weeks after, another sealed ntsc copy was on ebay, now this one. Thats 3. eBay deletes listings after 90 days so link will be hard to provide.

    • The gamesniped boys pull up archived things all the time. Perhaps someone here with credentials here will weigh in.

      Anyway, whether it was 2, or 3, either way, we’re talking small numbers. It’s (exceptionally) rare. It’s on a (exceptionally) popular system. People want it and many of have deep pockets.

  4. Ok,picture this: you found a shitload of sealed SE.
    What would you do?
    Tell everybody or keep it quit and sell them 1 a time .
    Sell 1 at a time offcourse for a insane amount.

    • I get what you’re saying (and have said again and again), but it remains a farfetched theory, nothing more. not to mention the combination of luck, patience, an will power involved seem to make the idea even less likely.

      it’s a rare game, and therefore expensive. case closed.

    • Of course you sell them one at a time. Sell the first copy for 40k. While the news is still huge sell another for 35k. A few weeks later another for 25k. Repeat until you are only getting 4k per copy, then stop the supply like the “Disney Vault”. Wait a couple years for new collectors to come in and do it again.

      The part that shows a shitload hasn’t been found yet is you sell MORE than one. Nobody has done that. There has not been a second sale from anyone EVER, so a container of them has not been found.

      Until that second sale happens, it will remain the most rare and most expensive game. Without it there is absolutely no evidence there are significantly more around.

      • Oh but, don’t you know, the mastermind scammer uses multiple aliases! In fact I am personally in procession of secret evidence that proves every person who’s ever come into contact with S.E. is the same dude!

        watch 60 Minutes this sunday for more details of my investigation……….

  5. Well you would have a brain the size of a peanut if you would sell these games on the same ebay acount again and again.
    And for 40K i would be very patient.

    • You would be patient for 40k, but not act quickly for 200k+?

      If you believe there is a container of them out there, then there could be more than one container of them. When you discover your shitload you must get rid of them fast before someone else finds more. By waiting you risk losing all the profit, because the price will drop when 5+ of them are sold. Being very patient risks losing hundreds of thousands while only gaining ten thousand.

      And if you think the last 2 sealed sales were from the same person with different eBay accounts, just prove it! Of course that would invalidate the conspiracy theory about them not actually selling at all and only being used by opportunist scammers…

      • 1. you just showed everybody jour a greedy b.

        2. I never said that the known sellers are 1 and the same.I just said how somebody could play it.

  6. Again, there’s no market for these.
    Just people with money who’ve got nothing else better to do than trade back and forth via Ebay with different aliases. You’re not fooling anybody but the newbies ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Again, prove it, or at least have a shred of evidence. Your crazy conspiracy theory only needs to show that 2 of the sellers are the same person. Or that the same person has sold more than 1 copy. Or even that the same copy has been sold often. Any one of those would give some hint of validity to your ideas, but you can’t show any of them. You have nothing. Unfortunately I doubt that will ever make a difference, because you ignore the solid facts that debunk your ideas anyways.

      Of you could actually think logically. This copy hasn’t been bought or sold in 7 years. The other 1 or 2 known sealed SE copies have only been sold once. How is that trading back and forth? Can you even name 2 people who now own a sealed SE? Or 2 eBay accounts who own them?

      I don’t have a sealed SE (or even a CIB one), I don’t collect anything sealed, and I don’t sell repros of it. How again do I benefit from “fooling the newbies”? gameSniped would benefit if someone clicked the link and bought it, but I get nothing. Is gameSniped the one doing the fooling?

      • @bunnyboy – Bunny, bunny, bunny…
        You’re so defensive. If there’s really a market out there besides your band of buddies. This wouldn’t an issue.
        And don’t bring GameSniped into this.
        They’re just the messenger.

        • As expected, unable to answer even one of the questions. Oh well, at least you will only ever have insane ramblings.

          At least thanks for the ego boost, thinking I have control over a band of followers ๐Ÿ™‚ The one guy that owns a sealed SE hasn’t even bought anything from me, great buddy he must be!

          • @bunnyboy – There you go, defensive ๐Ÿ™‚ You folks are so predictable. We’ll be waiting for the next conjured up story of a “holy grail”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • why cant you answer the questions? dont you see that gives you zero credibility? losing the debate so you have to make it personal again.

  7. I can tell you 1 thing when the nes markets cools down and there is no money to earn.
    Bunny is 1 of the first out of the scene and moving on to the next thing to profit on.

  8. So many sites whatever.
    Its all money ,people hate it when you talk the truth.
    Almost everybody with a different opion on NA gets banned.
    The only funny thing ibeenew ,is that almost all the key figures on NA have a site or a thing to profit on nes fans.

    • dumbass, EVERYONE with a site profits off video games. joe of digitpress profits off his video game store. albert of atariage has the BIGGEST repro site anywhere! NES repros and homebrews are small compared to what he does.

      how do you think gamesniped profits? thats right, ebay links and advertising. how dare they make money from providing something people want!

  9. Wauw ibeenew you can curse,your such a tough guy.
    If people make some money there is no problem.
    The problem is that making profit of and on the nes scene is for the key figures the most important thing.
    So the nes scene is al about money and not about nes at all.

    • detail how the nes sites are different than digitpress and atariage. be specific to show you arent just a bumbling idiot.

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