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A Box full of Mario Kart

Seller loryn316 on eBay has a sealed box of Mario Kart 64.The price is high but you can always put an offer.These uncirculated sealed copies would be perfect for VGA grading.

I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a sealed box of Earthbound or Stadium Events. Maybe we’ll have to wait for a few more years but we’ll be watching..


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    • Hmmm… would a full, unopened, shipping-case of Stadium Games be worth a crap ton of money, or would it just lower the overall price of a sealed Stadium Events?

  1. If you had a box full of copies of sealed Stadium Events, wouldn’t selling them all at once lower their individual value? Would it be better to trickle one out every year? Hypothetically.

  2. Stadiums Events isn’t worth anything. Its just a few clowns with money trying to manufacture the hype about a shitty athletic game noone even cared about. Don’t believe the hype. SE is as rare as the Family Fun Fitness Set *sigh* BOTH Bandai items were shortly pulled from the shelves due to a deal with Nintendo to start packaging their version of the Bandai set called the Power Pad Set.

    Not everyone ever returned the discontinued merchandise to Bandai. There’s actually people sitting on copies trying to become opportunists like the previous clowns.

    • What people? When will they be cashing in?

      The facts are that after 23 years, only 2 or 3 sealed copies have surfaced.

      S.E. might not be much fun to play, but it sure is crazy-rare.

  3. the game doesn’t have to be fun, doesn’t have to play well, doesn’t need to look good to be rare and valuable. the fact that not many of these exist today makes it valuable and sought after. just as what 3rdman said. people have a hard time figuring that out.

  4. If I bought something like this I don’t know if I’d want to have it opened and graded but at the same time I’d like to as well. Having an unopened box is a cool and rare thing to have that it taken away once the seal is broken.

  5. @ 3rdman – Bandai’s Family Fun Fitness Set underwent the same fate as Stadium Events. Why isn’t Bandai Set considered “crazy-rare” ?

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