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Super Nintendo SNES Control Deck Tester

This unit tests a variety of functions, and despite being mentioned already this week, deserves another mention. Mainly, to check the video below for it in use below.

Auction Here

I`ve actually been doing a lot of SNES searches lately, mainly due to my new obsession with the several insanely hard to find PAL releases. Here`s a few other Super Nintendo items:

Fire Emblem 3 Super Famicom Box Set – Long before we saw this series on the GBA, it was a very popular strategy RPG game in Japan. This massive box set included Plushies, maps, posters and more.

Sealed Super Bomberman Party Pak – Pricey BIN, but this game is unbelievably hard to find CIB. It`s a large box (think Mario paint) with the game and Super Multitap 4-player accessory.

Handbuilt Portable SNES – Looks extremely nice and has a five inch screen.

Super Nintendo Kiosk – While this guy would certainly be hard to ship, it would be a great addition to a game room. Works and looks to be in good condition. Relatively cheap too.

SNES Super 8 – This is one of my favorite SNES accessories, as it allows you to play original NES and Famicom games on your Super Nintendo. No idea how they work, but they do so pretty well.

Secret Of Mana Custom Painted SNES
– Not a jaw dropping job, but better than I could do no doubt.

Super Mario World Custom Painted SNES – From same seller as above. The same description applies too, although I like this one better.

Double Sided NES SNES GB Sign – Cool looking, although I wish the seller had included something for size reference (or measurements).

Super Famicom Mario Paint VHS – Overpriced, but the Mario Paint Artwork makes it pretty intense.

Sealed Illusion Of Gaia T-Shirt Bundle
– These tend to float around for quite sometime until someone comes along and pays the price that`s being asked. This one has a damaged sticker however.

SNES Repair Manual
– Authentic Nintendo Service Manual, would help the seller if they included internal pictures however.


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  1. The seller may not have seen that tester on Ebay before, but the last two that I saw sold for about $100 each. Asking $2000+ is beyond ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Evan, I should have mentioned how overpriced it is.

    Side note, have you tackled much in the way of PAL or SFC releases?

  3. I haven’t as of yet. I am in Australia, but the game prices here are way more than I am willing to pay at the moment. I think there were a few games released in Australia and not in other PAL regions, but I will have to investigate more.

  4. How is the Super 8 anyway?

    Will it look better than a NES when displaying through a SNES Svideo cable?

    Also, I doubt anyway has tried this, but I wonder if there is any chance this would display NES games properly when connecting a SNES through RGB (Via SCART + SCART to Component converter).. Just curious.

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