This Yarn is Epic, and some other stuff

Few finds today

Kirby Epic Yarn Patch from Pax

Conker Live and Reloaded Canned Tee

Dead Space blow up gun from SDCC 2010

Phoenix Wright Red Headphones from Japan – this would be nice for your tape walkman.

GTAIV Xbox 360 1 of 100

LucasArts Experience Demo Sealed for Xbox same seller has 12 sealed Eye of Judgment game for Ps3

Michael Irvin signed Xbox 360 – He was accused of raping a woman then he countersuit.. yeah..

Pink Xbox Backpack?

Fable II Standee


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  1. Don’t forget that Michael Irvin was also busted in a hotel room with another Cowboys player (Nate Newton, if memory serves), 2 hookers, & a crack rock the size of a baseball.

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Bonk prototype doll

2 x AdventureVision