Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II Repros

Want to complete your Sega Genesis set but you aren’t interested in forking over thousands for one of the less than five known World Championship carts?

Well, reproductions are now available.

If you’ve never heard of the game, its kinda rare. I believe less than five copies have been confirmed to exist, with three of them passing through the hands of our own Nicola.

Apparently, in 1995 Blockbuster organized their second Video Game Championship. There were two categories, up to 13 and over 14 years old. You also had to choose to compete on the SNES or Genesis. From June 14th to July 9th there was a Store Championship Competition, then the WVGC-Finals. Each store had to award a Store Champions with a prize of free rentals for the next two years (two games a month).

The best eleven players then won a trip to San Francisco for the final fight in August, inside the GamePro (gaming magazine) HQ.

For SNES, Rare built the well known Donkey Kong Competition Edition cart. For Genesis, Acclaim made this cart. Unlike the DK cart however, this cart could not be won, nor bought. Store owners were ordered to destroy the cart after the competition. Not surprisingly however, that didn’t always happen.

The last copy (that I remember), went for a final price of $2,068.05. Since then there has been another one listed, but for $50,000.

Anyways, with each purchase you will receive:

– An authentic Sega Genesis Clam shell with hand numbered insert
– Blockbuster World Video Game Championship Cartridge. All carts will be official Sega/Acclaim style cases, no EA or other odd size shells were used.
– For the first time, this release will be shrink sealed for that fresh from the factory feeling! This is more of a novelty than anything else, some are sealed better than others.

Only 100 have been produced and roughly 40 remain available. From what I understand, there will be a high score contest (with prize) as well once the carts have been sold.

Cost shipped anywhere in the US: $60
Cost shipped to Canada: $65
Cost shipped anywhere else: $67 (small international flat rate box)

Order Here

If Genesis homebrews slash repos are your thing, there is another release as of late – Freezedream chipmusic-on-chip album ‘Today’.

The long-awaited IDM chipmusic-on-chip album ‘Today’ is released as a physical 16-bit cartridge for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis video game console. The sound is generated at playtime by the Yamaha YM2612 FM synthesizer chip that is built into the console. The concept is to do away with the conventional audio recording which is the standard format for practically all music now released. Breathing new life into this obsolete Sega console in 2010, ‘Today’ aims to reinvigorate interest in old hardware and the idea of listening to music where the sound is generated each time you listen.


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    • Wow, pretty cool to see our stuff here. Thanks for the plug!

      The rom has been available for some time now, but I don’t know of any person/site that was making reproductions of it.

      Our next release will be Dragon’s Lair for the Sega Genesis. The game is 100% complete, and there are no roms of it floating around anywhere on the net. It should be ready around Chirstmas of this year.

  1. I’ve had 3 Blockbuster carts in my hands. Two bought from other collectors for more than 2k, one …found for much less.
    Some where I should still have a pic of 2 carts together.

  2. Want to complete your genesis set? WTF!
    If you want to complete your set just buy the real deal.
    Since when is buying a reproduction completing your set?
    A competition cart is also considerd by most collectors not part of a full set because it was never released in stores for sale.
    Need stadium events to complete your nes set? Just buy a reproduction.

    Or you can just buy a genesis flash cart and download the rom on there,so you can play it and download every game there is on there so you have a Full set on 1 cart.
    Or use the flash cart for this blockbuster championship and other unreleased genesis games.

    Or you can go to other sites and buy good homebrews like begger prince and others that are really worth your money.
    Or asked sites like game reproductions to make it for you for $25 i believe.

    This hole thing just baffels the mind!

    What is video game collecting coming too…
    This is insane.

    I can understand Jake when he says reproductions really?
    I mean this is just a dumped rom put on genesis carts.make stickers to slap on the carts,get empty boxes put a printed paper in ther and boom $60 + please.
    And numbered please!! WTF really..

    Why does nobody make stuff themself these days? Is everybody a money spending,no brain,not creative consumer.

    Im mean damn i love dracs night out for the nes so i bought a repro and made my own creative box and manual.
    Had fun making it and love it.
    Its 1 of 1.

    If you where a real genesis fan,you had a reproduction made or made it yourself and made a print for the box.

    Damn .

  3. Hello,

    1) where i can buy this game (Freezedream Today sega genesis) ??

    2) Where i can buy this game (Sega genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championship 1 or 2) ??

    Thank you so much

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