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Custom Made Retro Paintings – 12″X16″

There`s some pretty cool retro paintings for sale at Famicom World. Prices aren`t cheap, but they are originals and not prints.

Thank you for viewing this post. I have started a new side business specializing in retro paintings. These are the first 3 paintings produced. I understand that it is hard to cater to everyone’s likings as far as video games go and I am definitely willing to take requests if these are not what you are looking for. Please allow proper time for those special requests to be completed and payment would be needed in advance. With that being said lets get to the products.

Each one of these is hand made with various techniques. I will ship with extreme care. US Only at this time.


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  1. For real? You think the pricing is high???
    I think its cheap! 120 shipped.
    You must think about the paint and canvas the artist needs to buy. Then consider the amount of time he put’s into his work. And last but not least all the years of drawing needed to be able to make something like this.

    All above 750 I would consider a bit high on price. But 120 I think is a bargain!

    I love the Donkey Kong!

    Thumbs up for the artist!

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