2801 Sealed Games for Thirty Thousand Dollars

While we all know that eBay is a great place to sell just about anything, we are always constantly reminded that its also a place to sell bulk lots and unsold merchandise. In this case, GameDealDaily (GDD) is selling 2800+ factory sealed, fresh out of the box video games for $29,995 (OBO). Not sure how much they got these for, but considering the MSRP of these (before they became bargain bin or front lane games aka budget titles) are over $100,000, I think they’re losing alot of money from it. If you can lower the price down to $10,000, you’ll be making a killing from it.

Thanks to Jayson for this


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  1. How odd is it that they have five of these lots available?

    At what point did they think it was a good idea to buy (400×5) 2,000 copies of Aliens in the Attic for the DS?

    • some distributors actually shops around to see if they can sell or dump their copies of a particular game that they can’t sell. thinking about it now makes me wonder if GDD is going to make a killing out of these lots.

  2. I think a great video would be someone hauling this entire lot down to Walmart and asking if you can return without a receipt. Get AVGN to do it. lol

  3. I believe I’d have to agree with phear3d on this one…these lots were likely a distributor’s excess. Though to be completely honest, I don’t see anyone who pays more than $15,000 for one of those lots making their money back on it…too many cheap/low-demand games in there.

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