Custom Cartridge & End Labels

Ever been irritated by the lack of end labels on your N64, Jaguar or 32x cartridges?

Fear no longer, as someone is now selling a custom sticker solution. Apparently these are of high quality, printed on 3M Vinyl (not paper stickers) with a UV Lamination and computer die cut.

He`s had auctions on CTCW for the Jaguar Set and has both an AA thread and a DP thread. There`s also a NA thread for a complete N64 set.

Price varies, End Labels are $3 each (minimum 2) shipped, a 32x Full Set (32 end labels) is $20 shipped a N64 Full Set (289 end labels) is $100 shipped and a Jaguar Full Set (67 end labels) is $40 shipped.

He also does custom labels and inserts.


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  1. Bob, I know its your site, or your an admin, but people over there bitch about anything. They claim its “their” image, yet they found the images on the net just like whoever is making those stickers did. They down own the rights to the image, even if someone did make a label and whoever has these stickers used that same label to make those little things out of. Its not their intellectual property to bitch about. People at TCP are almost, but not quite as bitch as the people of nintendo age.

    • No, TCP isn’t my site. I’m a forum moderator there, as I am here, just to help clean up SPAM.

      The problem isn’t that someone took the artwork from TCP (and much of this artwork is from scans which the TCP Cover Artists have edited and worked on). The issue comes up when someone is taking the work of others (be it the original artists at Nintendo/whatever developer or the free work of the folks at TCP) and selling it for a profit. Not only does this just seem like a crappy thing to do, but can also endanger such projects like TCP which already treads the line of legality and copyright issues. is a great resource, provided completely for free by Snowcone and a mass accumulation of the work of several talented people – who do it purely for the love of the hobby.

      For someone to take advantage of that just to make a quick buck – it’s disturbing.

  2. DUDE ARE YOU FOR REAL!! BITHING about so called stolen artwork.
    You guys steal all the time!! Or do you have the right to make boxes for games that where unreleased.
    I Don’t think so.

    This is a great product and all cart only collectors should buy this.PERIOD.

    DUDES OF NA and all other losers get a roll model,please.DAMN you guys suck hard.

    Making reproductions,asking money for rom dumps..and this dude makes a great product and you guys bitch.

    • First, I’m not from NA. I have an account there, but I’m not sure when the last time I logged into it was.

      Second, I’ve never sold any kind of reproductions, ROM dumps or anything of the like. And I’ve never purchased them either. Thanks for that.

      But as for your claim of us “stealing” artwork, there’s a fine line between reproduction and reproduction for profit. Here’s the way I broke it down on another site:

      Pretend I took the sprites, music, backgrounds and SFX from, say, the original Zelda and created a whole new game, uploading it on the internet for anyone to freely download – asking nothing for it.

      Then, someone comes along, takes my ROM and reproduces it onto a reproduction cart, selling the carts for $100 and giving me absolutely no credit or profits and making no effort to inform people where he got the ROM from.

      Would you still think this guy selling someone else’s work is just offering a great product?

  3. All artwork is copyright to their respective companies. All artwork provided is free of charge! The cost for these labels cover the vinyl print media, UV lamination, and electrical cost to run these machines. These decals are high quality vinyl (not paper) self-adhesive decals with a UV lamination.

  4. Anyway now there ain’t no more question on this, TCP is currently or more specifically Shenske making these end labels for anyone who wants to download and print them. All we(TCP) are really asking is don’t take our artwork that are free of charges, MOD them a bit such as only taking the spine, print it and sell it.

  5. What’s really funny about all this is… None of this label printing was my idea! I have the ability, people were asking for someone to do it for them. So I offered and all I ask is to cover my media, time, and shipping! If you think my prices are too high, then don’t order from me! Easy enough. If you have the ability to print them yourself, great! I appreciate resources. And they are free to use as we want, correct? Even more so, I had a customer point me to that site to use the artwork! “hey man can you make end labels for the n64, here’s a good site where you can get the artwork!” I never knew it was such a big deal! And when I’m done creating the n64 end label full set (USA set) you’ll see that 90% of the labels don’t look like the spin of the designs on the other 10%, YEAH! I like the design and based it on those 10%! So if you don’t want to print your own labels, come see me! I have plenty of happy customers! Here’s my feedback thread for

    • mrbigreddog:

      If you’re really only asking for payment to cover your direct costs, then might I ask that you upload the labels to a community download site where individuals can download/print them for free via their own methods?

      For those who want to purchase them from you for the superior quality, they would still have that option, of course.

  6. Now wait a sec…..Its OK for TCP to steal images, but not MBRD? And he posts pics of the complete 32X set and the N64 ones he has done in every thread I have seen, if its such a big deal take those pics and make your own for “free”. I put “free” in quotes because the quality of labels MBRD puts out blows away any inkjet printer out there, only a color laser printer would come close, but even that doesn’t go through the vinyl process MBRD uses. For the typical end user to get the same results, they’d need over ten grand of printing equipment. And looking at the 32X cost of Vinyl, ink, time, shipping materials (stamps, bubble mailer envelope), 20 bucks is prolly just about breaking even. N64 pricing was recommended to him, as he said, and not set in stone yet.

    If you had a legit complaint it would be different, but he has posted the images to multiple forums for free, someone could easily make their own from the images he posted. He is simply charging PROPER price for a higher calibur product. And, quite frankly, he’s providing a service to the retro gaming community.

    • I’m not going to rehash all of the details, but I do want to clarify a few things…

      First, the issue isn’t that anyone is “stealing” the images. It’s that they’re being taken and sold for a profit without any kind of permission or acknowledgment. Trust me, if TCP was selling the printed covers en masse, I would foresee a C/D order from at least one company.

      Second, at the time this came up (at least to my knowledge, it still hadn’t happened and still hasn’t) “Full” image sets have not been posted.

      Third – I don’t disagree with the service being provided. I liked it. That’s why I went and shared it with two forums I frequent – including TheCoverProject. I was really considering getting a few for my N64 collection because it is a great product and – from the sounds if it – a great service.

      But, again, the concern is taking the work done (for free) from the folks who contribute to TCP and selling it for a profit. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion in regards to how they feel about that.

  7. Unfortunately once you put something like this on the interwebs, you lose control of your work. I was a bit upset to see every single one of my original box scans show up on Mobygames sans my tiny and unobtrusive watermarks. I had to put my foot down when I saw a picture of a game console on my kitchen table show up on a PBS special! I was like.. “Hey, that looks like my kitchen table!.. IT IS MY KITCHEN TABLE”. I contacted PBS and they were nice enough to include me in the DVD credits, but more often than not you don’t get credit.

    It really depends on the person who takes the image and modifies it. They rarely care about the hours of time we put into scanning and editing our images. It’s just how it goes.

    I have seen quite a few of my scans on TCP too, but what am I going to do about it? I have switched to a method of adding 3 watermarks to each image now. 2 of them are invisible to most people, but it let’s me prove my hard work.

  8. @MrBigRedDog
    (also posted at sega-16)

    It was not my intention to flame you or try and post a discrepancy about the quality of the product you are offering. Like i said before I’ve used vinyl before and the quality is VERY VERY good. I was upset about some of the images used and the price.

    I was upset that some of the images you used were recreations by myself. Like it was pointed out before that we spend a lot of time cleaning and recreating logos from scratch to make them appear retail (or close to it). Sometimes it can take hours in illustrator and photoshop to recreate a logo or an image so it looks just right.
    If we take all this time to create something free for the public and we see someone using the exact recreated images/logos for profit it can kind of get under my skin.

    I have no problem with you using the recreated images i have made or anything you can find on thecoverproject but when i saw the price thats what got at me. I understand that labor is not factored and its not exactly convenient for you to offer the label printing service.
    I just have my mind completely set in the “free mode” since I’ve been making covers for years out of the kindness of my heart for anyone at no price. I’ve been offered commission money to create a cover or print off a cover for people many times but have always turned it down.
    I have printed some for some dedicated members but i didn’t charge them anything outside of the cost for the print and the shipping cost. I just get their covers printed put next time i’m at office max getting my own printed.
    Since you already work at a print-shop then it shouldn’t be that inconvenient for you to print them while you’re already there. I understand that Ink costs money too (not $52 worth) but labor shouldn’t be factored into at all. If you are already there and the customer is willing to pay for the print and the shipping then everything outside of that is profit. Since neither of us own the image rights i don’t think it is ethical to make any profit on the images used at all.

    People have there right to pay you for your services even if the price in my opinion is too high. Not everyone has the ability to go out and print the labels off themselves and you are offering that to them. Like i said many times before the main problem i have is the amount you charge ($100) exceeds the cost of printing the labels out, yes even on vinyl. I understand that you didn’t come up with the idea of the labels or the amount you charge but you are still standing by that amount now.

    As far as your offer goes for hosting the labels on, i think that is a great idea. As long as they pass quality control and we as a site decide that we will host top labels then i have absolutely no problem with it. We are currently discussing if it is appropriate for to host top labels (since they were not officially used) so if we decide to do that then i look forward to adding your labels to the site.

    – Shenske

  9. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve joined TCP. And that Unclebob, Shenske, and I are working things out!
    Most of you guys have my back on these issues and I appreciate it! But most of this on both sides was a misunderstanding one way or the other! So thanks again for everyone’s support!

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