A Few Game Boy Displays

There’s quite a few Game Boy Displays i’ve seen recently so I thought it’d be nice to show a few them. Did you know that Game Boy turned 20 last year (21 this year as of April (JP) and July (NA)). Check out IGN’s History of Game Boy video.

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  1. Damn Google is quick. I’m trying to find more pictures of the ASCII Showcase to see it in action and the only thing that seems to come up is this GameSniped article.

    I have very vague memories of seeing something like this when I was young at a Toys R Us and wishing I had enough games to actually display like that. Heh. I’ve tried to find one of these in my adult years, but have never had any luck (mostly because I had no idea what it was called, who made it, or much about what it looked like). I think this might be it, but man… I wish better photos of it were posted….

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