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Sealed Duck Hunt and some lolz

You just never know what will pop up next on eBay.. Whether be a brand new R.O.B. display, or William Shatner’s Toupee (it wasnt on ebay btw), you always look forward to see whats next.

Anyways, when was the last time you saw one of these sealed? The same seller also had the original Super Mario Bros. sealed. They all went to someone off of eBay I suppose. In about a month or so if you see the Duck Hunt at its new insane price tag, you’ll know who purchased it πŸ™‚

via SGH

also, lolz to the buyer? and another one. one commented (these were all in the same page) “I don’t know whats sadder, the fact someone has graded [these] Wii and DS games or the fact [that] some utter MORON has paid $300 for each.” the same seller also had these.


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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned those Wii and DS VGA games. I found those yesterday and couldn’t even believe what I was looking at when I found them.

  2. But it’s graded 100 on a meaningless scale so it’s valuesables, amirite?

    VGA doesn’t even give 100s to stuff right out the case. That’s a load of horseshit right there.


    • i believe in it only to a certain degree. i dont think its really necessary to do it unless you wanna display it to yourself and i think thats whats happening here. i think it makes more sense to do it on a game that came out 20-25 years ago so you can be absolutely certain that youre buying is whats stated in the description. pricing these graded games is another issue cause it seems like they’re trying to get x3-x5 times the original value sometimes more. its like all of a sudden its covered in gold.

      people have been doing this shit for awhile now. look at the coin industry where they sell you a piece of coin worth $1-$5 along with a fancy shmansy box that goes along with it for $20-$30.

    • Chu will not be able to handle my jawsum sealed graded games…. Soon it comes! Once you see it, you will know that it is a piece that you will not be able to go without for your personal collection and you will do and pay anything to get it.

      Mark my words Portobo.

  3. The only valid reason I’ve ever seen for VGA existing is guaranteed quality, thanks shitty eBay sellers.

    Everything else is total bullshit designed to create a market for itself. As you mentioned, it happened with coins, happened with comics and now games.

  4. Back when NES games were sold here (in NY) they weren’t plastic sealed. They only had the small NOA black dots keeping them closed. Much easier to play through and return for a refund back then. πŸ˜›

    I don’t trust VGA graded games to be honest. Do you think they can really tell the difference between a reseal or factory seal? Since those H-seals have been perfectly replicated I don’t trust any sealed NES games unless I know the seller personally.

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