Mario Red DSiXL to be released in the U.S. too

I feel like we should mention this too. After all, this bundle will become hard to find after the crazy holiday and some jackasses out there will get it graded and sell it for $1,000.

Walmart briefly made a mistake and listed this bundle on their website today. It was taken down once the public found out about it. I mean, it makes sense to actually sell this thing 2 months before black friday (the biggest retail shopping day in the U.S.). But I guess the big N has their way like always and like all the other holiday bundles, i’m sure it’ll sell out pretty quick. This bundle comes out in Japan on October 28th. This 25th Anniversary Mario Special Edition bundle comes with Mario Kart (yawn) and only comes in red. It also comes with 2 pre-installed DSiWare title (Brain Age 2 and Photo Click).

via Kotaku

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  1. i would probaly be that jackass hahaha.

  2. Lets hold hands and do it together. Sing it with me now..

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