Dead Space Ultra Expensive Edition

I guess it’s been awhile since we mentioned this (at least since I mentioned it). I haven’t had a chance to post some of it recently since I feel that they were still worth the same as it used to.. but not tonight..

I usually check my watchlist at the end of the night just to see if anything is worth mentioning and this bad boy came up. I wasn’t able to track the last one that was sold though.. But since there’s only one of these things on eBay right now, the price is all the way up there as you can see below.

36 bids later, its at $4,150. Incredible.. I mentioned in my very first post here on gameSniped back in January of this year that it was worth around $200-$250 for a sealed copy. Since then, it just kept going up. Who knows if it’ll climb even more. I’m almost certain it will since Dead Space 2 is lurking around the corner.

Link to auction


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  1. why would you think this game is worth this much? last three that sold in the last 2 months didn’t go over 1200$… if you look at the bidding it is clearly shill bidding.

  2. I didn’t think it was worth this much either. I saw the price and I posted it.. But if there aren’t anything listed other than this one and for someone who has the money to burn, it could very well be a legit auction.

    it may or may not be involved in shill bidding. If the item gets relisted you pretty much summed it up.

  3. The one for $400 is used and from a different seller; while the $500 one went for one bid against it at a $700 Buy It Now price.
    There was another one listed at a Buy It Now price of $2,000 a few days ago. It went in less than 24 hours………..

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